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Computer Sound Problems

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grandpajoe | 13:30 Sun 30th Jul 2023 | Technology
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I have an Acer Aspire 22 and we love it except over the past couple of months the volume is getting worse. The volume control is on the highest setting yet the volume is diminishing week on week. Any ideas folks. I could fit external speakers (is that possible?) We have been thinking of getting a sound bar for our new Samsung telly this Autumn. Can the computer sound be linked to that if that is feasible??? Thank you in anticipation (I'm decorating for another two days!!) Cheers Chris


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There are lots of options with external speakers for a PC ranging from around £15 to hundreds.
Look at Amazon or Curry's so you can get an idea of what's available.

I think it is better to keep separate speakers rather than hook the pc up to the TV soundbar.

I don't know why your Acer is having sound problems. Have you tried updating the drivers for the sound card?
The Acer Aspire C22 supports Bluetooth, so you can theoretically connect external speakers that way. However my own experience is that there can be some 'lag' with Bluetooth connections, meaning that (say) the audio might be very slightly out of sync with the picture when watching a YouTube video. My own instinct would be to make use of the 3.5mm speaker socket to connect a pair of amplified speakers. e.g.
(Note: When choosing speakers, some need to be powered via a USB socket whereas others come with a mains adapter. Take care to choose the best for your needs).

You might well be able to use a TV sound bar with your computer but it would depend upon the type of inputs available on the soundbar.

It might be worth uninstalling, and then reinstalling, your computer's sound driver first though:
Start typing 'device manager' in the search bar.
When 'Device Manager' appears under 'Best Match', click on it.
Double-click 'Sound, video & game controllers'
Right-click on the name of your sound driver.
Click on 'Uninstall device'
If asked to confirm your decision, do so.
Then close the Device Manager and restart your computer. (The sound driver will automatically reinstall itself).

Question Author
Thank you both Chris
You can update the sound driver, in theory. I ended up getting a new computer though.

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Computer Sound Problems

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