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henrys202020 | 22:20 Fri 29th Mar 2024 | Technology
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had  a  lot of   save  as  web  sites  on  my  laptop  all  disappeared   help  to  get  them  back thank  u



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Dont know what a "save as web site" is.

If these are files, try looking in the waste bin, or running recovery software to find them.

What device? 

Sorry, just realised you are using a laptop.

Did you save them to desktop or elsewhere?

 "Save as" is an option you are offered after downloading say an image, file, screen shot etc. It usually means that you have other options besides file explorer set up to process or compress data for storage and subsequent recovery. 

-- answer removed --

One knows what "save as" is, it was "save as web sites" that was confusing. Wasn't even sure an actual website wasn't being created.

I wonder if henry just means bookmarking the page/site?

Thank you for removing the corrupted url. 

I don't know nma. Somehow though he is mixing up what a website and it's tab is, with a file or image download and how to preserve it. 

On a Windows machine right click anywhere on a website, click 'save as' and the page will be saved as a webpage. Clicking on the icon on the desktop opens the page

Henry maybe means 'save as web page' not save as web site. You may find them in your downloads folder.

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