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Windsor Castle

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madnana200 | 10:58 Mon 21st Jul 2014 | Travel
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I am going to Windsor soon & would like to visit the castle, can anyone advise me the best time to visit morning or afternoon, thanks


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I would go in the morning for two reasons.
1. It's an all day ticket so you may spend as much time there as you wish.
2. The queues for entrance are usually huge this time of the year so the earlier you start the better.

Have fun, it's a great day out.
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thank you
Mornng, as McMouse said, this ticket is all day and there's loads to see.
After 12.00 might be best as Betty will have finished running the Hoover around by then.
mikey, is the travel section really the place for petty politicking?
mikey4444, do you not mean 'Brenda'?

Otherwise, who is this person, 'Betty'?
if you get there by 10.30 monday-saturday will be able to see the world famous Changing the Guard otherwise known as the Guard mount, at approximatly 10.40ish the new guards march from nearby Victoria barracks after the ceremony in the castle the old guard march back to the barracks.
mushroom...don't be so po-faced ! It was a light-hearted comment, hardly a concerted blast from a Republican !

Hymie...I may be wrong here but "Brenda" was the nickname used by the security forces for the Duchess of York...well, the clean one anyway !

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Windsor Castle

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