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going to amsterdam

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thistle69 | 23:45 Mon 06th Mar 2006 | Travel
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Which pubs should i head to



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Depends on what you want.

I only ever go for the hee-haw because I've done the cultural thing..

We always go to the Old Sailor right in the heart of the Red Light District.Just wander off and take a couple of side streets in and you will find an ace old Dutch Pub on just about every corner.The Bulldog just along the canal from the Old Sailor is good as well.

The further out you wander then the better the pubs are as they are traditional Dutch pubs

O forgot - if you take a left from Dam Sq (the street where the perfume shop is and all the kebab shops - there is a great tiny bar where we celebrated Scotland getting beat 6-0 by Holland and we gave it laldy that night and the following night.

When I'm over there I head to where the locals drink. My favourite area is the Jordaan. Some great little oak panelled bars down there, all candle lit and serving cold bottles of Duvel at half the price you'd pay at Leidesplein.

Try to avoid the more obvious tourist traps like the Bulldog chain, they tend to be full of �monged out� weekenders trying a first spliff (or other assorted �hee-haw� riff-raff). Instead, there are some really great bars in the quieter and more picturesque area of the prinsengracht canal, (easy walking from the centre) or the Jordan district if you�re feeling a little more energetic.
If you�re after a more, ahem �transcendental� experience, try the rokerji or dolphin at the leidesplien for a relaxed atmosphere. The famous �Dampkring� is a bit touristy and expensive (where they filmed �Ocean�s 12�), but is renown for its quality.

'This weekend I shall mostly be staying on a canal boat'.

Have fun!

Stevie - not everyone is a culture vulture.Believe it or not I would suggest that most people who go to Dam go to the Red Light District and The Bulldog pub is actually OK.I dont do weed so avoid the brown cafes.I also have actually walked my feet off and said that I enjoyed the traditional pubs.My response was to give an insight into everything this fantastic city has to offer.I dont look at street signs because I've been there so often I know where to go without having to rattle off areas and street names ( in a show-off fashion) because it only served to confuse me when I started going there (no surprise before you say it).

I hope you have a chilled weekend man:)

BTW Stevie - we can all google and extract names of pubs and districts.I just like to give it as it is.You must have a ginormous brain with all the info you assimilate from google and regurgitate:).I'll catch you out one day - and I bet you've been there and bought the T-Shirt - and you wont even know its moi:)

Drisgirl, not everyone is a drunken bore either! To avoid confusing the owner of the question, 'Brown' cafes are NOT places to buy or smoke weed, but are the traditional dutch cafe/bars where such activity would not be welcomed.

If your visit is for that type of trip, you can usually tell the difference between them and the 'coffee' shops (which is what a previous poster really meant), by the signs and the smell!

Anyone familiar with Amsterdam will know where the Prinsengracht area is (dam square opposite direction to the red light district, about the same distance).
In addition, the area around the Vondel Park is also very nice (although that might be too �cultural� for some).
I repeat, the Bulldog pubs are NOT �ok�, however, I would agree, that the Red light district is a must see location, it can appear intimidating to a �first-timer�, but is very safe in reality (some good spots by the church). Lots of bars, coffee shops and cheap take-aways.

Dris, in answer your criticisms:
Yes, my brain is enormous,
No, you won�t catch me out (but keep trying, it is an endless source of entertainment to me),
And lastly, why do you feel the need to try to belittle people who clearly have a greater knowledge than yourself? I don�t need to Google Amsterdam; I�ve spent a lot of time there.
If answering a question is �showing off� I�m sorry, I just thought it was a little more helpful than �take a left past the kebab shop�.

Question Author

Thanks guys.

Been to places in europe before and usually just go with the flow where ever the nite or day takes me!!

Not going for the weed either but will prob sample a bit of both the tourist and traditional. It's a study trip of about 15 architecture students including me- know there will be heaps to see!!

Stevie - I stand corrected as per usual but my tonque most of the time was firmly in my cheek and I simply responded as you, as per usual, slipped a reference in that I had made in my post.(hee-haw).I probably just got confused with Brown Cafes and coffeshops because I dont do either so have never been in one - I have probably cheated myself out of a treat by avoiding Brown Cafes because - just as I did with thistle - was given duff gen.I am glad I am a constant source of entertainment to you - but I'm sorry but I am being wounded now - I really dont like being called a 'drunken bore' because people reading this will quite naturally start to think this - as you have made jokey references to this before - but they arent to know this.You know as well as I do that the majority of my post was said in my usual manner and I take on board the errors I made.BTW I said you brain was ginormous not enormous.(I know there isnt such a word).

Note to myself - leave sense of humour behind on AB.Do not belittle people by joking about Googling.

Anyway thistle have a great time and try the kebabs - they are delish (I've given you directions) !!!

If you are seriously interested in tryingdifferent beers, draught and bottled, in a tradional 'brown bar' then this one should not be missed.

Sorry dris, the 'druken bore' comment was a bit strong. I didn't mean it the way it sounded (it was just a reaction to being branded a culture vulture). Anyhow surely everyone on AB knows your a strict teetotal presbyterian!

(with a touch of Roman Catholic Monday morning remorse now and again).

Don't mind us thistle (were the 'Will and Grace' of AB), have a good time, and watch out for the cakes!

and he's Will BTW:)
O sorry - forgot - he means the fairy cakes:)
Question Author

Nice to meet yiz- i think!!

thistle - we are sound honest - we just love the 'banter'.We even pay taxi drivers for it (Chewin the fat) !!

If by saying I'm 'Will', you mean the good looking, well dressed, intelligent and successful guy, then guilty as charged.

Dris, in that case is 'Grace', the neurotic, flat chested sociopath :)

Nice to meet you too thistle

P.S. I've never paid a taxi driver for it!!!

Enough with the sordid revelations you hussy.

stevie - re my alter ego - 2 out of 3 aint bad:)

as in your alter ego surely you meant successful gay - doh!!!

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going to amsterdam

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