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fruitsalad | 12:08 Fri 05th Apr 2024 | Body & Soul
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OH had a remote recording of his pacemaker today, he was called on the phone, and they said something about the readings and he has to go back in 2 months time, he really doesn't ever take in what they are telling him, annoyly, anyone else had the same or similar.



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eight weeks is hardly an emergency so I wouldnt worry TBH.

There is quite a lot of it about - people doing 24hr recordings and then down loading. Big things about care at home etc. I am not sure that it doesnt anything besides make the pt feel good / worry them.

3 brothers ( inc me) have AF, my two sibs doing the recording bit, and we are all the same. "they can tell I am alive by the way I walk into the clinic room" ( me)

I would take that as a positive, all is well. 

Does he have a monitor by his bedside.? I was given one which plugs into the mains and sends signals to the hospital which installed the pacemaker.The hospital may have found a small irregularity detected. When he goes in they will most likely place a small box on his chest which will detect any problems.

I had a routine recall about 6 weeks after the procedure and all was fine. Strangely enough I noted my bedside monitor was resetting itself when I went to bed last night. It bleeped and everything/body carried on as normal. I would not worry at all.

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