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Do I Tell This Place Where I Am Going For A Trial I Need Next Week Off?

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abbeylee90 | 18:34 Mon 06th Nov 2023 | Jobs & Education
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I am going for a trial on Wednesday and I'm on leave from my current job as I had leave to take and haven't had time off since I started. Do I tell them also I got my theory next Monday 



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You might be asked to start on the 14th - would that be a problem, Abbey?

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I don't need to drive for my role but certain ones you would for this

Will this job involve weekend working?

19.51  Awaiting a reply, Abbey  ...please!

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Scorpio No

Will this job entail taking responsibility for your own decisions?

If so I suggest you gracefully decline.

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That what a trial is for 

it's none of my business, but why do you need another week off next week if you already have this week off.  Surely if youve been working very few hours getting money is imperative?  how are you going to pay your rent, eat,  get your nails done etc?

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I got 2 weeks off I had leave 

Many companies have a 'use it or lose it' attitude to annual leave - if you don't take it by the end of the year, it's gone.  

Abbey's employer may prefer her to take her accrued annual leave now before the Christmas rush.

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Yes not allowed time off in December 

But Abbey's only been at Home Bargains for just over a month weeks so will only have accrued about half a week's holidays. I thought you'd said earlier it was unpaid leave, abbey.

Abby how do you know which way to go when you leave home in the morning?  Do you ever go to the wrong job? 

Abbey's life is like a mystery novel.

Just as I think I have all the details correct, I am given another fact which throws all my past theories off track.

So the latest page in my notepad is scrapped.....



you may have 2 weeks off, but if you are offered a job to start, theres no point sitting on your bum because you are on "¬holiday" from a job you wont be going back to anyway!

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Not sure haven't had any help with being told the products and thrown in deep end 

Abbey, are you home already ? That was a quick trial if so. Did you have someone with you at the office or house ? 

de ja vue

What products have you not been told about and for which job. How and where were you thrown in at the deep end

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No still there was on break with 2 cleaners but been sent to work on my own 

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Do I Tell This Place Where I Am Going For A Trial I Need Next Week Off?

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