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Do I Tell This Place Where I Am Going For A Trial I Need Next Week Off?

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abbeylee90 | 18:34 Mon 06th Nov 2023 | Jobs & Education
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I am going for a trial on Wednesday and I'm on leave from my current job as I had leave to take and haven't had time off since I started. Do I tell them also I got my theory next Monday 



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You need to inform the care home as soon as possible and be willing to be flexible, working weekends if necessary.  

If you are no longer available to work the agreed hours they can terminate your employment 

Abbey, the care home seem to have had problems with staff, so they maybe will let you change your hours. I think it'd be some time yet before they considered making you full-time


What I meant was that the care home doesn't have to change their available hours to suit you and it's something you should be aware of

Do you know yet what the hours will be at the new place. Do they want you just 3 days per week ?

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Yes Monday to Wednesday 

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Care home is 3 looking to reduce to 2 so I'm working Monday to Friday 

Your best plan would be to talk to you manager at the care home that you have managed to get some more hours at your new place and would it be possible to change the hours you work there

Is your current care home reducing your hours again to just 2 per day Mon,We'd ? 

sorry, Mon,Wed and Fri

Floko- abbey's posts aren't always clear but I gathered the existing care home aren't seeking to reduce her days and hours- it's abbey who wants to change to just Thursday &Friday

NMA. I think I have lost the plot so will say TTFN

So Mon-Wed at new care home, Thursday-Friday at old one.

Abbey, I'm sure you need to give HB notice. If you've had paid holidays for last 2 weeks you probably owe some money to HB

But if the home want their stairs cleaned 3 times a week I wonder if they will accept 2 times at the end of the week or just call time on the employee 

NMA.   Abbey said the holidays were taken unpaid at HB

Yes but she then contradicted that, floko- but it's easy to misunderstand what she's trying to say

Abbey said "I got 2 weeks off I had leave" . I accept that could still be unpaid. I dont suppose it matters , although it seems odd to be taking so much unpaid leave so soon after saying she's not got enough hours, and thereby pay, overall in her jobs


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The main cleaners clean stairs when I'm not there and I'm not getting paid at HB. I'm doing Monday to Wednesday 9-4.30 at cleaning company so looking to change to Thursday and Friday at care home.

Got it thanks Abbey

Is there any chance that this new job could become full-time? You'll maybe be back to having two jobs,in two different places, with the hours not even adding up to most full-time posts! 

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Do I Tell This Place Where I Am Going For A Trial I Need Next Week Off?

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