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What Do I Do If My Work Don't Reply?

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abbeylee90 | 13:19 Mon 13th Nov 2023 | Jobs & Education
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I've sent the care home an email asking if I can change my days as my new job days were only available Monday yo Wednesday. What do I do they haven't replied to my email.



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You'll need to work hard to make sure you impress them in your new job to make sure they don't fail your probation or reduce your hours, and also try harder to be flexible and avoid issues with your supervisor- and be lucky to find you enjoy working with your colleagues and managers. With all that you might just make more of a success of it than in your last few roles
21:16 Mon 13th Nov 2023

Try talking to them face to face or at least telephoning them. Don't just assume they will give you the hours you want, they are running a business 

Try a phone call to your  line-manager, supervisor, boss? 

you keep to the old agreed contract - no doubt about this....

You asked us before. I said phone them in case the email had not been seen. 

Is your theory test today ?

As others have said, either speak to your boss on the phone or in person.  Don't leave it. Just sort it.

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According to my emails its sent 

It's common courtesy to speak to your boss and ask the question then follow it up with an email!

It may have gone, abbey, but that doesn't mean anyone has read it yet

Always follow any important email up with a call.

Emails get lost/not delivered for a varioety of reasons and you may not always be informed that has happened.

Abbey, we understand it has been sent, BUT have they read it ? We don't know, so PHONE or call in person




If the care home is on your doorstep, go round.

Just be careful you don't end up with no job by the end of the month.

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I've sent an email to the address I found on website if I still haven't heard from them by tomorrow will call 

Why, was the email address you used last week wrong in some way? 


What happens if they don't change the days you currently work?

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I only do the stairs so don't know what the problem is 

They may be waiting to line up a replacement before thay respond

Abbey/I suggest you call them now  ... there should aways be someone in the Care Home office to answer the phone.

Yes, needs to be done in some other way- face to face or telephone call.  

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What Do I Do If My Work Don't Reply?

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