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Should I Start Looking For A New Job?

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abbeylee90 | 18:12 Mon 10th Jun 2024 | Jobs & Education
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Basically my hours have been cut in selco to 24 hours for 4 weeks as I am not grasping the products with it becoming summer it is getting busy and they can't have another cashier with me so if I don't grasp within 4 weeks won't be able to have me as a cashier. I am very upset as I enjoy it.



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I think 4 weeks is pretty generous of them. Give yourself one week of intense product study and ask them afterwards if they have seen an improvement. Consider which areas you need to focus on most and make sure you use the following week to get up to speed. Then if you can show you don't need a shadow cashier with you for the final 2 weeks you'll have proved yourself and saved your job. 

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Yes think he said he wouldn't normally do this.

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My shifts have changed from 9.30-6 or 8.30-5 to 10-3 quite upsetting and embarrassing.

Make sure you are not seen treating work like a social club - so don't be seen messing about or giggling with other staff members when you're meant to be doing the job and concentrating on the products.

We have all said that when on probation you need to try to keep head down and work twice as hard to get through it - for the full 6 months. Can't be seen having too much fun and planning nights out - that needs to be in your own time away from work. 

Hope you can make them see difference in the next 4 weeks. At least they given you the warning so you can improve. It's all up to you. Good luck!!

There must be a huge number of products to learn but he wants you to succeed. 

Do they have bar codes or do you have to look each one up? 

5 months? I thought you started in April?

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Some do have bar codes.

Only started as part time.

Perhaps your trial was only part-time, but you said you were full time early April.

Having product knowledge for the business you work in can be a great advantage. I'll bet not everyone in your place can advise on all of the products. Can't you ask to work on the shop floor?

What's all this grasping ? Is it modern slang for shoplifting ?

Abbey - no, repeat NO social media time during hours of work.  Work is not an extension of leisure. Use every spare moment to learn and improve.  


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I did start as part time cleaning.

I asked and said depends if there are vacancies going for that.

You told us that you turned down the 10 hours a week cleaning job at Selco, then a few weeks later, started full-time on a trial basis (which you passed after 2 weeks) as a checkout assistant. 

Abbey, at the end of March, before you started, you were a little apprehensive about having to know the product codes. People assured you you'd be fine, but that hasn't happened. I think it's 'now or never ' - you'll have to learn enough to show that you can do the job to a reasonable standard.  If not....

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Yes that's it needed more hours. I did pass 2 week's trial but they don't expect me to know all products in that time.

Well...there's the online catalogue...will that help? Are there specific products you need to be familiar with?


Thanks, Abbey. Yes, they probably expect you to know the codes now that you've been there, full-time, for quite a while. People here have given you some ideas to help you get to the required standard. Are you willing to give it a real go, so that you can stay in a place, job, you like? 

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I am concerned as couldn't think of anything worse than getting hours cut.

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I'm looking online mainly at building products 

How about being sacked?

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