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Should I Start Looking For A New Job?

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abbeylee90 | 18:12 Mon 10th Jun 2024 | Jobs & Education
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Basically my hours have been cut in selco to 24 hours for 4 weeks as I am not grasping the products with it becoming summer it is getting busy and they can't have another cashier with me so if I don't grasp within 4 weeks won't be able to have me as a cashier. I am very upset as I enjoy it.



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What do you mean being sacked?

Abbey, some employers would have been far more ruthless - if they felt you couldn't do the job you were being paid for, they'd let you go pretty sharpish. At least you have a chance of getting back to full-time hours- make the most of that chance. 

You said you couldn't think of anything worse than having your hours cut. I would have thought losing your job altogether was worse.

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Of course but I can't live on 16 hours per weeks so might have to look for another job if I get no success in 4 weeks

Not 24 hours per week?

Then you must decide to suceed in 4 weeks.  As I said - NO social media during work hours, NO wasted evenings - study!

Abbey, remember how long it has taken you to get this job, remember how rotten 2023 was for you. What sort of job do you think you'd get next? 

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If they can't have me as a cashier anymore would be 16 hours per week

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Neveracrossword I don't know tbh

Forget about getting a new job for now and concentrate on keeping this one. Look at the catalogue and write down the products and their codes for a couple of hours each weekday evening. 

Focus on the next 4 weeks Abbey. Starting now. Less time on here, and certainly not during working hours. Use your time as if your future depends on it.

3 months/5 months. 16 hours or 24 hours. Abbey;s clearly a bit confused with the stress, just as she was with her hours in the last job, but perhaps we don't need to get bogged down by the details

Ok the typing of my post crossed with Abbey's explaining why the 24 hrs could be only 16

Point taken 

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If I gotta go back to just cleaning 2 hours per day.

Are you expected to know all of the prices of the products off the top of your head?

Make yourself a little spreadsheet/ crib-sheet and put the things you sell most often on there, or the ones you have most trouble with. You can add to it or change it as time goes on. That will also show your boss that you are determined to do your best in the role you have been given.

Only you can avoid that Abbey.  Work at proper learning.  During your work breaks write down what you need to know and sit in the evenings and learn it.  Repeat it and repeat it and write it outh - then repeat and repeat again.  Also keep these notes with you as a memory prompt.

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Not prices but eventually products and like my boss said managers have said it been 10 weeks so he had to have that conversation with me.

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One of my cashier colleagues been there 7 years and had her probation extended twice as her product knowledge wasn't up to scratch.

Well, Abbey, your bosses/the company don't seem to have been unreasonable - so it's up to you now...

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Should I Start Looking For A New Job?

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