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Should I Start Looking For A New Job?

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abbeylee90 | 18:12 Mon 10th Jun 2024 | Jobs & Education
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Basically my hours have been cut in selco to 24 hours for 4 weeks as I am not grasping the products with it becoming summer it is getting busy and they can't have another cashier with me so if I don't grasp within 4 weeks won't be able to have me as a cashier. I am very upset as I enjoy it.



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No more reasonable than warehouse and care home

Were you made aware from start that they required you to know the products well? It would seem they would have from your comments, but it id almost like you have only just understood this after a jolt from managers and that it was a deal breaker. If you are not worth the wage they are paying you, even after giving full training, they will possibly sack you or place you in a lesser role with fewer hours and expectations. Unfortunately, you have been here before and know you can't live the life you want on 2/3 hours a week cleaning.

Only you are able to show them you  are worth  keeping on in this role.

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What do I tell my mum if they put me down to just cleaning? 

The truth

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Obviously I'll have to look for a new job then

Sounds like being a cashier was too much aspiration and you should stick to cleaning. 

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Maybe me sticking in full time work was to good to be true.

I'm afraid the heading of your post shows the attitude you have towards work and no, you should not start looking for a new job ...  give 100% to the one you have, learn from those who work alongside you and show willing.

Yes, look for a new job so you can prove how useless you are to many employers!

Go girl, you have something to prove🤭

^^post removed^^

No doubt😒

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I haven't applied for other jobs only if they put me back to 2 hours a day 

Abbey, would you really rather start looking for another job than try to learn enough to cope with your current position? It's taken you a long, long time to get a full-time job. Are you prepared for another spell of job-hunting, where your options are likely to be very limited? You will have to be careful, you don't want to end up unemployable!

Abbey, stick with the job you've got for now. Work hard, give your employer a good reason to give you a great reference when you find a job you might love. 
Head down and get on with it. And tell your mum your hours and whatever have been changed. 

I think you should stick to the cleaning jobs. 

Learning the products is clearly difficult and stressful for you, and your mindset is not helping, as you seem to spend a lot of time thinking about your social life, your wardrobe, and your relationships.  You give little time to the thought of how you might improve your performance as an employee.  

So stick to the cleaning jobs.  You can work fulltime at that, and think about anything you like while you are doing it.  

What were they doing previously to help you to recognize and price the products?

Roughly what percentage of the products are you familiar with?

Have they made any suggestions as to how to improve the familiarity with the products you struggle?

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Ringlet I'm improving slightly today and getting to know.

You just had to learn them.

Abbey, it's good you've already started improving. By the time the four week spell has passed, you should be worth keeping on!

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Hopefully I do worry though

Worrying can be counter-productive - concentrate more on the learning side, that'll have better results!

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I've had to ask about certain products today 😔

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Should I Start Looking For A New Job?

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