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US Elections

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AB Editor | 09:58 Mon 05th Nov 2012 | News
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  • Obama - 169 votes
  • 87%
  • Romney - 26 votes
  • 13%

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Well it seems that Obama has 100% support from the ABers.

Since little few of us know anything about American polotics, what could be the reason for this?

Better the 'Devil' you know and all that?

Batting for the 'Left'?

Please let us know, my personal reason is simply because he seems a little more moderate, ie less 'Gung Ho' and less likely to lead us into another war in the Middle East.
Ups, Politics
My reasons AOG. I just equate Republicans with biggotted hypocritical bible bashing Americans. Sorry!! ;o)
Obama has done pretty well, considering what he inherited. America is about optimism. Obama was elected on optimism, 'hope'. Romney says that the optimism was not born out by events, so what does he offer instead? 'Hope' and optimism ! Trouble is, his maths don't add up. And his policy on 'women's issues' such as abortion, are horrendous.
I do not think that Obama would necessarily fit the definition of "left" when it cmes to UK or european politics.

For me, he represents a far more stable and rational force than Romney. Plus which Romney has lied - a lot- during his campaign, and his main business experience stems from building a company that specialises in asset stripping.

And, I was not impressed with his self-serving comments re the olympics when he visited the UK recently.
Not to mention Paul Ryan ...
More from fear of Romney, another Geedubya, who has no grasp on international affairs, and coul lead us all into a nightmare conflict.
Romney - scares the life out of me - so bible beltish - his views on gay and lesbian is disgusting.

Obama all the way
Obama, but he has to make the next 4 years really count.
Obama of course, Garth sang at the 2009 inauguration, why wouldn't any ABer recognise that as reason in itsself to vote Obama? (of course only in this poll, we don't get to vote in the US elections, sadly.)
for those who haven't seen it....
As an American living in the UK,I know I'd never go back there to live if someone like Romney was in office. It's politics like his that makes the most of the USA's worst beliefs/attitudes/ignorance.
pasta i have a dozen or so US citizens and mutual garth fans on my facebook, ordinary housewives and ordinary people like you and I, every one of them is strongly opposed to romney and even scared of him gaining office, great insight to an outsider is that.
I wish there was a like button for Pasta's last answer
Unfortunately, it is people like him Pasta that lead people like me to think the worst about the American people. Unfortunately, because they are so dominant in their behaviour and views we tend to forget that there are nice American people too. Shame.
Yes, would be good Helen!!
for those who aren't sure who joss whedon is, he invented buffy.
Oh...thanks dotty and fgt....I have to admit that both this election-and back in 2008-I have felt so much fear for where my country was/is headed...both politically and socially. I sometimes think it's just too damn big,and can't contain all the varied ideas and beliefs that each person thinks(often blindly) is RIGHT. Hope this makes sense...
Why have you made this a two horse race. The Presidential Election covers other candidates you know, Ed.

For example:

Gary Johnson - Libertarian Party
Stewart Alexander - Socialist
Stephen Rollins Independent
Lottie...yes! It's people like him who make me embarrassed for my country.

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US Elections

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