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Lose The Lads Mags Campaign

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AB Editor | 15:16 Thu 13th Jun 2013 | News
103 Answers

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Should "Lads Mags" Be Removed From The Shelves Of Supermarkets?

  • No - 70 votes
  • 78%
  • Yes - 20 votes
  • 22%

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they don't bother me, i barely notice them

if you get rid of them, what will helen side boob do?
Why not just get rid of all magazines and put the staff, publishers, models, actors, writers out of work?

If you don't like, you don't need to buy.

The young albas were horrified when I found their stash of, ahem, magazines,
I just thought they were normal teenage boys, but their hiding places weren't exactly worthy of Einstein.
I've never seen them . I'm too short to reach the top shelf.
climb on top of crafty's shoulders cupid, that would make you 5' 4

(legs it)
They have no full nudity on the covers, and are usually cellophane wrapped. The lads are not forced to buy them, and the feminists are not forced to be offended by them. It is a choice.

If Tesco's banned Feminist books and magazines instead, then the dungareed ones would no need to go there.
Why no mention of [ladies] mags? Are you being sexist?
Why is it you hardly ever see a sexy feminist? They always seem to go out of their way to make themselves dowdy and unattractive.
Question Author
"Why no mention of [ladies] mags? Are you being sexist?"

'Cos that's not what the story is about :)

There's a lot of "distraction" arguments here... Who thinks "Lads Mags" don't objectify women in some way?
'The dungareed ones' is rude Gromit.
The lesbians I know are well groomed and wouldn't be seen dead in dungarees.
They are not trying to ban them, they are trying to get Tesco to stop selling them so that the staff don't have to handle them and customers don't have to see them.

1. I don't really see the point in that personally, and
2. If their job is to stack shelves....

Check out the FAQ pages, they are actually trying to help Tesco...
Women who show their boobs do it for the money, well, why not?
To be honest if you've seen one, you've seen two. It's not exactly titilating to see someone undressed and letting it all hang free.
Depends who it is's more than just naked flesh!
I don't think it makes a difference to how men view women.
Coincidently (or is it), 'Spare Rib' is due to be relaunched in a fortnight after being off the shelves for 20 years.

I think I will get a copy if the newspaper aisle isn't packed with spotty young peverts whacking one out to Abby Titmouse.
Gromit....that's funny!!
Alba..............I'm watching you.
LOL Gromit, I like that!! :-D

^^^ Spillage in Aisle 2
Many years ago Burt Reynolds was the centrefold of Cosmopolitan............he didn't disappoint.
I've voted no but will change my vote if the likes of Woman's Own/Weekly, She, Family Circle are also removed from the shelves.

21 to 40 of 103rss feed

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