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"for example a bomb or similar went off and emergency services couldn't get through the mob of the unwashed and there barricades, how many would die that did not need to.."

they allow emergency services through
Yeah, but, no, but, yeah, but....they have to allow the bombers through first:-J
Untitled. And how long does it take for them to clear the way? They used a van and a caravan to block Tower Bridge. Idiots all.
Well you can normally tell an ambulance is coming from quite a way away Naomi (they are all equipped with bright colours, sirens, lights, etc)... pretty quickly would be my guess. XR also warn the authorities before their protests so that the services can put in place their normal contingencies for other disturbances like traffic jams etc...
They shouldn’t be blocking roads. No excuse.
Many (perhaps even most?) of the protestor sort are the comfortable well off financial folk who can afford to be “pseudo” hippies. Bored people who crave a “cause”.
If a roadblock bothers you then you are going to absolutely hate the consequences of climate change. They are far far far worse.
^^ ^^
Tell that to someone waiting for the emergency services.
XR lets emergency services through.
How long till you want us all back living in caves,untitled?Looks like you use a computer and probably a mobile phone.Dont you know these capitalist machines use up precious minerals from the Earth and mined by slave labour out in Africa.You sound like a bit of a hypocrit.
Untitled, Seems to me that they're alienating people against their cause so how is that going to save the world? Over to you.
In the UK they are attempting to pressure the government into holding a citizens assembly... sounds like a good idea to me.

Yes I do use a mobile and computer... I'm not against capitalism fyi, I just understand that our present way of life is unsustainable and I understand what "unsustainable" means. It will either change or get wrecked by climate disaster... there's no "if" about it.
Well, at least untitled is impressed by their antics.
i am however not impressed by their idiot antics, thank goodness i no longer work as i used to have to come via London Bridge at times to get to it. I could say a lot more, but suspect that it's pointless with people like Untitled so pro them.

41 to 54 of 54rss feed

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