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Over 100 Dead And 700 Injured

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Untitled | 07:56 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | News
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israel is reported to have opened fire on a crowd of palestinians trying to get food resulting in hundreds of injuries and deaths 

the IDF initially claimed that all the deaths were due to a stampede but has since changed their story to say that they used tanks to fire "warning shots" after videos on social media appear to show israeli tanks targeting the crowd... 

eyewitnesses say that the IDF simply fired on them 

why do reports like this seem to follow the IDF whereever it goes? why doesn't the west do anything about it?



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Hamas are terrorists.  Apart from that you don't know the answers and niether do I.

Question Author

what do hamas have to do with the people injured and killed in this incident naomi? the survivors are all saying israel shot at them

Untitled, "why are gazans so desperate for food".  Have you read the reports that say Hamas has huge supplies of food, fuel and medical equipment yet the people they are supposed to be helping have none of them.

// the survivors are all saying israel shot at them//


No they're not.  Read your link.

Question Author

i have yes. i do not expect anything else from hamas, they care nothing for the gazan population.

are you aware that israel has blockaded gaza and is preventing aid from reaching people? are you also aware that IDF soldiers are plundering residences and eating all the food left behind?

Question Author

the woman you refer to naomi says that the majority of victims were run over... she does not dispute what everyone else is saying about the IDF opening fire. even the IDF admit now that they were shooting people. footage from the incident shows tanks aiming at the crowd.

I've read a lot of reports, untitled.

A convoy of 30 Lorrys bringing much needed aid into Gaza was brought to a halt by desperate civilians on the brink of starvation. They began to raid the lorry's, panicking the drivers who tried to drive away. This caused a stampede among these poor people fighting for food and many were crushed in the panic. Nearby Israeli troops fired over their heads to try and disperse the crowd. This explanation given by Israel is far more believable than the ridiculous propaganda spoon fed to the eager pro-Palestine press. Hamas are using their civilians both as shields and propaganda and frankly I doubt they want any sort of ceasefire.

Question Author

then could you please explain what the people killed and injured in this incident have to do with hamas? every time i try to engage with you, you just say "hamas hamas hamas"

Question Author

Israel has changed their story auntypoll... you are out of date. they now admit they shot people but claim they felt threatened. they have also failed to explain why tanks were present

untitled, Hamas is fighting on behalf of Palestinians.  They are the people who elected Hamas.  You profess to know all about it so you explain it.

I wrote my post while listening to a reporter on world news live 10 minutes ago so it can't be that out of date surely?

See my post at 8:32

Maybe the tanks and soldiers were there to protect the convoy of food aid

Question Author

hamas took power in gaza in 2008 and more than half the population of gaza is aged 18 or under... so all but a tiny fraction have never elected anybody. hamas are a terrorist outfit whose dominance in gaza was sponsored by israel until last year because they wished to divide the palestinian leadership. well they succeeded. hamas do not "represent" gaza which is an occupied territory of israel. 

israel are also the ones who have been deliberately preventing food aid from entering gaza... the conditions of shortage there are man-made and intentional. 

Question Author

"Maybe the tanks and soldiers were there to protect the convoy of food aid"

what by firing at it? odd manner of protection.

Question Author

"on world news live 10 minutes ago so it can't be that out of date surely?"

afraid so

Hamas always seems to be so prompt and busy running around with clip-boards counting all these casualties. 🙄 

There must be an awful lot of graves being dug, but where are they?

Question Author

would you like to see the bodies khandro? i did not post it because it is upsetting but one does not have to look very hard

//more than half the population of gaza is aged 18 or under.//


Wonder who's educating them?

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Over 100 Dead And 700 Injured

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