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Over 100 Dead And 700 Injured

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Untitled | 07:56 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | News
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israel is reported to have opened fire on a crowd of palestinians trying to get food resulting in hundreds of injuries and deaths 

the IDF initially claimed that all the deaths were due to a stampede but has since changed their story to say that they used tanks to fire "warning shots" after videos on social media appear to show israeli tanks targeting the crowd... 

eyewitnesses say that the IDF simply fired on them 

why do reports like this seem to follow the IDF whereever it goes? why doesn't the west do anything about it?



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nobody now naomi. the universities have been destroyed. 

I do not know how much weaponry is being supplied to Israel from other nations at present;  but my suspicion is that Israel wouldn't need any further supplies to continue their aim of searching for terrorist throughout the area. So any such act will achieve nothing but futher division anyway.


If you want to convince a nation to obey your will then you need to find something that gives you leverage.

I think there is propaganda on both sides but tend to believe those that are defending their country from a terrorist organisation rather than an organisation that hides behind its civilian population, kills  babies,children,old people ,rapes and takes civilians hostage. For all we know hamas could have arranged the stampede and their operatives mingled with the crowd to provoke the Israelis to shoot. We weren't there so rely on somewhat bias reporting from both sides,that s what happens in war.

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there's a teensy bit of context you are missing there auntpolly which is that gaza has been under israeli occupation since 1967... and israel has been committing massacres and doing horrible things in the occupied territories since long before hamas came on the scene. it's the occupation that is the root cause of all this. 

Untitled, //nobody now naomi. the universities have been destroyed. //


That response to my question indicates that it too conveniently went right over your head.

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"do not know how much weaponry is being supplied to Israel from other nations at present"

Israel does not have sufficient industry to run its own war effort... it is entirely reliant on aid from western countries. the main supplier is of course the USA but canada the UK and Germany supply them too

Untitled I know that Israel has not done the best by the Palestinins at times but I notice in your post saying about the things they have done there is no mention of the misiles that have been launched into Israel from Gaza more or less daily from there.  If someone was lobbing misiles at you daily would you not take some sort of retaliation against it.

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what do you expect me to say about them shedman? they do not seem like justification for what israel is doing in gaza to me. nor it seems was the israeli govt particularly fussed about them because they were supporting hamas until oct 7th. 

//why did the trucks suddenly decide to flee? //

The trucks themselves did not flee. The drivers chose to flee in the trucks instead of on foot and leave the goods behind. The drivers of course were "supplied" by hamas. Were they more afraid of the crowd, the Israelis or someone finding goods in the trucks that was not conventional aid? They would have been aware of their fate had they left the trucks behind, in that case, so drove the trucks out of the zone regardless of the pressing crowd. 

Untitled //would you like to see the bodies khandro?//

Oh I know there have been many deaths - (and a lot of them were Hamas members), but thirty thousand ? that's a lot of graves.


Israel "supporting" Hamas? Really, an organistion that wishes to obliterate Israel from the map.

Hamas started this conflict because it didn't like Saudi Arabia having a better relationship with Israel. Hence their deadly attack. And you think Hamas wants a peaceful life for the people of Gaza?


Question Author

not even the IDF has claimed that the truck drivers were involved with hamas togo and most of the people who were there describe the israelis firing upon the crowd. do you have any evidence for that assertion?

Question Author

"Israel "supporting" Hamas? Really, an organistion that wishes to obliterate Israel from the map."

yep. they did it for years.

"Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas. This is part of our strategy — to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank.”

Benjamin Netanyahu in March 2019

Were the drivers not from the UNRWA? An offshoot of UN agencies who also supplied some of the 7,000 odd murderers rapists and  hostage takers who triggered all this suffering when they slaughtered(and worse) 1,400 music festival attendees? Many donor Countries have suspended donations to UNRWA and even the US has insisted that other UN agencies take on their role before further funds are available. Not trustworthy in word or deed I fear. Lies and subterfuge are their game plan.     

Question Author

israel has provided absolutely no proof whatsoever that actually happened togo

I didn't suggest they had. I did suggest though that hamas hadn't . You seem to find that hard to process. Shall I put you down as a "don't know" in reply to my original question?

Question Author

seeing as israel has not shared the intelligence about UNRWA with any other country i think it best to take those claims with a pinch of salt... especially seeing as those allegations materialised only when UNRWA was critical of the israeli government

Unusually, throughout the history of Judaism, and now regrettably Israel is having to oversee the deaths of Muslims. It doesn't want to, but it has to because it is being continually attacked by those dedicated to annihilate it and it's people. But these numbers pall when compared to the deaths carried out in the name of Islam.


'While it’s not know exactly how many people Muhammad himself killed in the course of spreading Islam, it is known that on one occasion he presided over the beheading of between 600 and 900 captured men. 

Islam’s 1400 year history is largely a record of conquest and subjugation. By one estimate, approximately 170 million people have been killed in the name of Allah, making Islam the greatest killing force in history by far.'

It is still dedicated to the destruction and/or the subjugation of all infidels - and that in case you don't know includes you .

^^ Jesus killed no one.

 It's more than that above, I found the relevant passage which reads: “We will be studying the deaths of 270 million Kafirs over 1400 years in jihad. That’s 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus, 10 million Buddhists and 120 million Africans of varying religions.” So more like 270 million. 

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Over 100 Dead And 700 Injured

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