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socket2008 | 10:46 Fri 12th Sep 2008 | News
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Why is the French and German part of XL continuing unaffected?
'the french and german divisions of the XL group continue to trade as usual'

The Brits have been screwed again.


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thanks all those who've looked for 4get. She cant reply at mo as shes just had some sad news from her friend.

Re: her holiday, as they only booked the villa as one and some flights are seperate they are all having to talk to insurers and Atol to see what can be done. Once they know they can look at booking something else (money is tight for some so its not easy just to rebook by sound of it)

But thank you everyone x
I blame the Daily Mail.

All year they have been promoting the 'staycation'.

Holidaying at home instead of flying to an exotic location.

When the nations best selling newspaper promotes something, it is bound to have an effect, as the poor people stranded in Sunny Florida and Turkey will testify. 777/Holiday-home.html
You're very touchy about the Daily Mail, AOG.

Why so strong an attachment? Do you ever read any other papers, out of interest?
think I may have sorted it my friend found flight and hotel for extra �200.00 so we now have a hotel and a villa

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