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f people

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flopsymopsy | 13:52 Tue 03rd Feb 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
7 Answers
any help would be appreciated with the following:
4. voted no.1 female role model in 2004
62 Did this dissenter hope to destroy office sin

Jobs of work
54 dont see these watching tele
55 will be there at the end of life

Ladies first(all answers are female)
42 originally known as The Amazon, achieved fame as ?
60 flowered muslin dress named after Dickens character
87 full loose dress named after a nursery rhyme character.
Many thanks


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54 Radio presenters or DJs
55 gravedigger or undertaker ?
60 Dolly Varden

87 Mother Hubbard
62 George Fox

4 previously answered as Dawn French?
Question Author
many thanks for your help mamyalynne and piggling.
I have DJ for one of the other answers, and for 55 had vicar, undertaker, grave digger so will need to make a choice.
I have never heard of the two dresses, so will look them up to see what they are.
42) Wonder Woman
Question Author
many thanks Yapisle. I was looking for a ship or something, so very much on the wrong wavelength.

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f people

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