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Sinead_O | 13:56 Mon 30th Oct 2023 | Science
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I was shocked to recently read this statistic-Ninety-five per cent of the ocean is unexplored. 

What’s down there? Why do we, as a race, spend millions on exploring space, yet who knows what is only a few miles away- seven miles at it's deepest?  



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10:09, we have at least 4 billion years of the Sun's life. Time for a 1000 civilisations to rise and fall. If we are goig to address earthly problems we should start with why there is so much agro over which set of fairly tales is correct. Mankind cannot advance until the cancer of religion is cured.

TTT. I didn't see that.

That is our efforts to search for other life. 
strangely, apropos the OP, thermal vents at the bottom of the ocean are thought, by some, to be the birthplace of life on Earth. Thermal vents exist on various moons which may have primitive life. 

ZM: "he also believes that we should concentrate our efforts to our own galaxy as the chances of interstellar travel between galaxies is nil  " - you mean intergalctic travel? Yes nil, also the chances of interstellar travel is also nil. We may manage a hop to Mars or moon of Jupiter.

Yes, I meant intergalactic. I should have made it clearer. I mean to but.......

Clever  Bloke that Professor Cox.   Things can only get better(on AB)   Spot the link!  0)

in your D reams!

If you Dare. 

Correct  TTT. 

//There are billions of planets in our galaxy and billions of galaxies in the universe. Perhaps we won't need to change anything.//

Which is why there is undoubtedly life elsewhere in the universe. The trouble is we have no way of getting there.

The distances involved are unimaginably vast.

Don't worry, they've already come to us ....

On My Soap Box:

Why travel the great unkown, when there are people on this planet dying of hunger. 

Its about spending. Its also about cleaning up our own yard, putting it all in order, before we go to worry about the neighbors.

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