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Schweppes is one of the most well recognised beverage brands in the world. The 'Schweppes' product range now includes: its classic 'Schweppes' Lemonade; original 'Schweppes' Bitter Lemon; 'Schweppes' Indian Tonic Water; 'Schweppes' Ginger Ale; 'Schweppes' Soda Water; 'Schweppes' Russchian (perfect mixed with Vodka) and...14:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Kleenex is arguably the number one brand of facial tissue in the world and has become a genuine global icon. Kleenex is a brand name for a variety of toiletry paper based products such as facial tissue, bathroom tissue, paper towels, and nappies. Kleenex tissues are made by Kimberly-Clarke.The material from which Kleen...14:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Thorntons is one of the best known brands of chocolate and confectionery in the UK. It is now the largest, independent chocolate and confectionery company in the United Kingdom. Continental and Special Toffee are often cited as two of the favourites among the Thornton product line. Thorntons chocolates are the ideal so...14:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Monopoly is one of the most played board games in the world. The game is named after the economic concept of monopoly, the domination of a market by a single entity. Apart from the original game there are now many worldwide versions such as Star Wars Clone Wars edition, Simpsons and Disney.The history of Monopoly can b...14:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Domestos is a globally recognised brand for cleaning. The range includes bleach in a bottle, rim blocks, hygiene wipes and bleach cleaning spray. The sheer power of Domestos bleach gives the confidence to know you are eradicating all known germs. With Domestos, you can be absolutely certain that the job is done.Domesto...13:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Wedgewood is a name recognized instantly around the world. The Wedgewood brand is most famous for three types of ceramics notably Queen’s Ware, Black Basalt and Jasper Ware. The company has collaborated with international designers such as Vera Wang, Jasper Conran, Barbara Barry and Martha Stewart.Josiah Wedgwood, th...13:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


The Eurostar has changed the way people travel to Europe. It is a high-speed passenger rail service connecting London with Paris and Brussels. All its trains cross under the English Channel via the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France, owned and operated separately by Eurotunnel. Eurostar offers seventeen weekday ...13:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010

Getting the best deal from your energy supplier

Getting the best deal from your energy supplierWinter is a time when most households turn the heating up to full and bask in its life-giving warmth for four months straight; but by the time January comes around everyone is dreading the huge bill all that heat has racked up dropping through their letterbox.It is common ...14:37 Thu 27th May 2010

Online Toy Stores

Online Toy StoresIf you’re looking for toys for the kids but don’t have enough time to visit a store, you could look online to snap up some exclusive bargains.Most of the UK’s well-known toy shops can be found online and they are often packed with online only deals as well as free shipping on purchases over a cer...14:37 Thu 27th May 2010

Online Sports Shops

Online Sports ShopsSummer is approaching fast, the world cup is nearly here and the BBC will soon be serving up non-stop coverage of Wimbledon. This summer is undoubtedly shaping up to be one of the most action-packed in recent memory as, so expect mad rushes to the sports shops to buy England shirts and all other kind...14:37 Thu 27th May 2010

Focus DIY

Focus DIY is one of the largest DIY retailers in the UK. Their stores have sections for bathroom, kitchen, decorating, furniture, gardening and tools and offer great bargains. Focus DIY has their own branded goods plus all the big names in their stores. The brand was founded by Bill Archer and Greg Stanley (who had pre...17:00 Wed 26th May 2010

Wickes DIY Online

Wickes is a DIY supplier you can trust. They are the first point of call for tradesmen and also the public. The brand is well known for quality and service. They supply all types of DIY goods from tools to kitchen sinks.  In addition, they offer expert DIY advice to guide you through your home improvement projects...17:00 Wed 26th May 2010


Apple is a world leader in the consumer electronics industry. The company's best-known hardware products include Macintosh computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. These are supported by Apple software such as Mac OS X operating system; the iTunes media browser; the iLife suite of multimedia and creativity softwar...15:39 Wed 26th May 2010

What Hi-Fi

What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision is one of the world’s largest home entertainment magazines. It is a leading independent guide to buying and owning home entertainment products. It features articles on hi-fi, home cinema, television, games, sound, computers and gadgets. It has a global readership of more than one million....15:09 Wed 26th May 2010

PC Advisor

PC Advisor is one of the most well known computer magazines in the industry. It offers advice on various aspects of PCs, related items such as: digital photography, the Internet, Security, smartphones, etc, and other personal-technology products and services. It runs tests on items such as new pre-built desktop compute...15:09 Wed 26th May 2010

Sony Vaio

Sony is one of the world's largest media conglomerates. It is a leading manufacturer of electronics, video, communications, video game consoles, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Some of the most well known products from the company are PlayStation, Walkman, Bravia, Trinitro...15:09 Wed 26th May 2010


Intel is the world's largest semiconductor chip maker. Intel also makes motherboard chipsets, network interface controllers and integrated circuits, flash memory, graphic chips, embedded processors, and other devices related to communications and computing. Intel combines advanced chip design capability with a leading-...15:09 Wed 26th May 2010


Nescafe is one of the best known brands of instant coffee in the world. While the Nescafe brand was created for soluble coffee, it has subsequently been used as an umbrella brand on a number of instant coffee products, including, in the UK, Gold Blend, Alta Rica and Blend 37 freeze-dried coffees. Nescafe coffee was fir...14:39 Wed 26th May 2010


Cadbury is an iconic brand in the global confectionery market. they produce some of the world’s most popular snacks and confectionery such as Crunchie, Creme egg, Milk Tray, Dairy Milk, Flake, Roses, Wispa and Buttons. Their reputation for quality and taste has kept Cadbury’s at the top of the list to meet the snac...14:39 Wed 26th May 2010


Hovis is a leading brand name in the baked goods market. The Hovis range now includes products to cater for all tastes including Square White, Original Wheatgerm, the Hovis Granary Range, Hovis Best of Both and more recently Hovis Invisible Crust. Hovis still specialises in high wheatgerm wholemeal flour, the bread bei...14:39 Wed 26th May 2010

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