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Where Are You Going When You Die???

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nailedit | 19:18 Mon 06th Nov 2023 | Religion & Spirituality
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Agnostic...I don't know.

Atheist...Nowhere. Consciousness is a product of the brain and it dies when I do.

JW's and others...The elect are chosen to live and the rest cease to exist.

Muslim...Muslim hell or Muslim heaven.

Christian...It depends on wether you are Catholic or protestant.

Catholic... have you worshipped the saints and virgin mary enough?

Protestant... have you believed in Jesus enough as your personel saviour?

You are going to hell eitherway...

Buddhist/Hindu.... work out your Karma.

NDE... we are all saved and going to experience heavenly type experiences.

Also NDE experiences, we are all saved, there is a hell for some, we reincarnate, we don't, we do!!


Decades of looking into this stuff I have to go with the first premise....



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University if they'll have me, to do with as they like, training-wise.

I said that to my daughter (doctor) Douglas but she said they tend to have too many, shame I rather fancied my skeleton being hiked around the boozers on rag week. 😀

So I guess some of me may live on for a while (in someone else) if parts are of any use, the rest can go in the wheelie bin as far as I am concerned, the cheaper the better.

And then according to some I will be stoking the fires of hell.  Well at least it will be warm.

I forgot the spare parts bit, YMB, whatever's left is for tinkering.

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Where Are You Going When You Die???

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