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HFJL2020 | 19:23 Wed 23rd Dec 2020 | Technology
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bought a alcatal 1b smart phone no sim looking online they seem to be all ic
would 1c be ok ta


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A SIM card is a SIM card is a SIM card. i.e. they're not linked to any particular phone model. What you need to think about is which phone provider offers the best deal for the way that you'll be using your phone. I use Asda Mobile, which offers cheap deals:
Go for the £5 per month bundle if you rarely make outgoing calls and you only want to use the internet for a bit of emailing and light web browsing. £7 per month gets you an average of 10 minutes per day call time and the ability to watch quite a few YouTube videos, etc. I pay £10 per month though, which gives me far more internet data than I ever seem to use and far more call time, at an average of 20 minutes per day, than I use either. (I could probably get away with the £7 per month deal really).

GiffGaff is also cheap (and has plenty of fans here on AB):
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ta for brill info if i go for 10 pounds one if i only use 5 pounds will the 5 pounds carry on to the next month
No. That's the disadvantage of 'bundles'; your unused credit isn't carried forward. However they generally still work out far, far cheaper than buying 'normal' credit anyway.

Remember that buying 'bundles' isn't the same as taking out a contract. With a contract you're stuck with paying a fixed amount per month for the duration of the contract (which might last 12, 18 or 24 months). With 'bundles', if you realise that you're not using anywhere near the amount of call times/texts/data that you're paying for each month, you can simply reduce the amount that you're paying.

On my own Alcatel phone, for example, I've just 'pulled down' from the top of the screen twice and then tapped on where it says 'Asda Mobile. That tells me that my current bundle runs from 7th December to 6th January (so I'm halfway through the period) and I've used just 0.46 GB of data so far. As my £10 bundle gives me 7 GB of data per month, it looks to me that I could easily switch to paying just £7 per month for 2.5 GB of data. If I choose to do so, I simply have to call 2732 to change my payments as from next month. (i.e. I'm not stuck with paying more than I need to month after month).
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ta for t aking your time to help me
prob with getting on line putting in router passsword
dont work no phone shops open where i live
When we were stuck without a landline I opted for PAYG SIM card £10 credit was more than enough to get by on. Think SIM was 95p.
Are you sure that you're using your router's password and not, say, a different password associated with your ISP account? (Your router's password is probably on a label affixed to it. It will say say something like "password", "pass", "pass key", 'key" or similar. It's NOT the 'SSID"). Remember too that passwords are case sensitive, so take car that you're not typing capitals where you should have lower-case letters, or vice versa.

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