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Please define what a recovery would look like to you in your comments.
Here's three previous polls on the subject: Brexit, Brexit, Brexit.
We're finally here. This is the end of the long and cakey journey. Can you really believe it's been nine weeks since they first flourished their tarts and plumped up their pies.

But now we're at the end - and you must choose your champion for the final in which, I presume, they will bake to the death.

Or near enough anyway.

09:32 Wed 08th Oct 201444 answers, last by sue11 10:35 Thu 09th Oct 2014
Do you consider your pets when buying a car?
Well, here we are at the final. And are we surprised at who is still in? The papers are rife with rumours and hints this morning, so who will it be? Ruby - the youngster but still unarguably talented...
Sorry for the last one, it appears to be misbehaving. Here is a repost. Please vote once again.
If you buy an electric car the government will give you a £5K grant towards the cost but with battery charge times long and usage time short, would you consider buying one? How many ABers think that there are far too many immigrants in the UK? If you are one who doesn't think that there are, then do you also think that our...
Today is the day of the referendum on the UK's voting system between AV and FPTP.
With the Government considering changing the time between MOTs to two years from one, will you be waiting until the next MOT or diving under the bonnet to give it your best shot?
If you were to buy a car tomorrow what would be the most important factor when choosing a car?
We'd like to measure the general feelings The AnswerBank has about the current intervention in Libya. We'd also like to know what you think the goals should be now that we're involved.
Good afternoon. I wondered how often you all updated your home insurance? Do you always keep it up to date? Do you just let it roll on even when you've made a big purchase? Do you update your home contents insurance if you receive/purchase something valuable?
Is Genaro Gattuso's vile attack on Spurs coach Joe Jordan being mistaken as "passion"? Do you believe that the ex-AC Milan player really uttered an "ethnic slur" as Guttuso's agent has claimed? Should a ban for his conduct also apply to domestic league football, not just the Champions League?
A man in Grimsby has been prosecuted for flashing his headlights at other drivers to warn them of a police speed trap.

The man believes it is his civic duty to warn others of the speed trap. The police believe he was obstructing the police officers from doing their duty.

Source: BBC News
It has been proposed that in certain areas councils should turn off their traffic lights at certain times of the day.

This is currently being tested in Ealing:

"The council hopes the move will see drivers learn to co-operate and cross junctions on a first come first served basis.

It came up with the idea after the lights failed one day at a busy junctio
With the bad and unpredictable weather over the last few weeks some may be worried about various problems in the home caused by bad weather. This can include things like burst pipes, flooded or blocked drains, electricity failure, unforeseen damage to the roof (partly caused by the wind) or a heating failure. Considering recent weeks, we ask:
Is it snowing where you are?
In the news section we often hear opposing sides as to the purpose and usefulness of prisons. Often there are calls of "life should mean life" and "outsourcing" of prisons (and prisoners). This is the weathervane question of what the AB News team(s) think prison is for:
"Christian" driving is driving with extra consideration to others – letting others out of side roads – in the belief that others will treat you likewise. Some believe drivers will reach their destination quicker and easier by driving by the motto of "one good turn deserves another".
Pay As You Go motoring is a form of road taxation in which motorists are charged on a per mile basis. The cost of each mile depends on various factors, including: how heavy the congestion is, what time of day it is, and the total number of miles travelled.
The evenings close in earlier and the first frosts appearing, what do you think are the biggest problems when driving in the Autumn?
In light of a new initiative called "Get Online Week" The AnswerBank wondered if you'd introduce a friend to AnswerBank as their first click online?

From the i-volunteer site:
"arious problems are faced by those who are curious but hesitant about using the internet, inc
Individuals earning more than £44,000 will no longer gain child benefit, whereas a family with earnings of anything up to around £80,000 will still be in receipt of Child Benefit, is this a fair cut?
Today's roads are more distracting than ever inside the car and out - with satellite navigation systems, occasionally bizarre traffic calming, and of course, passengers, The AnswerBank wants to know, what distracts you most?

While we all love freshly prepared and cooked food - ideally with high quality ingredients. However, there are some foods which manage to taste great, and sometimes better, when they're reheated or eaten as left-overs. So AnswerBank Asks: 

The face of potentially patronising "makeover reality TV" has changed over the years. Once upon a time two women would descend upon a poor, hapless volunteer, break down their confidence and tell them the clothes they love were stupid. Afterwards the emotionally distraught victim would tell the camera how much better she feels.

These days a sensitive young gentleman of certain taste exp

Buying car insurance is undoubtedly one of the least enjoyable parts of motoring. As such, how do you prefer to go about purchasing it? Do you like the speed and detached nature of buying online? Or do you feel the need to speak to someone on the phone? Or is it even preferred to visit a insurance broker in person and sort out your car insurance that way?

Do you own a second vehicle for work or pleasure?

The saying goes: "Everyone has at least one book in them" - do you believe you have a book in you?

Can we all be writers? If you do think you have book in  you, what kind of book is it? Autobiography, fiction, non-fiction?

There has been some discussion between those in the news section as to which way the majority of AB "swings". To provide a little clarity I would like everyone to say which side of the fence they sit - in their own opinion. I do realise this a blunt measurement - but it is a good starting point!

A good cup of coffee is something that can really make your day. Where serves the best coffee?

Has the thrill of driving been dampened by higher costs or the green agenda for you?

Recently a member of the AnswerBank team found themselves faced with a renewal quote for their car insurance which was More Expensive than their previous premium. This is despite an additional year of No Claims Bonus and a completely clean driving licence.


Have any AnswerBankers faced a similar renewal hike, and what did you do when faced with it?

I thought it was time for a Gaming poll. So, which is your favourite Civilization in Civ4?

A train is hurtling down a railway line. It's out of control and the brakes have failed. Ahead, five people are tied to the track and apparently face certain death. You, however, are standing by the rails and have a chance to save them.

This Poll is inspired by the following BBC World Service Documentary:

With the country going to the Ballot-box tomorrow and the media just about lathered to its fullest election frenzy, we thought it would be worth asking: where are you watching the election coverage? (If you're watching at all!)

Watching channel 4s Dispatches last night, it was highlighted how the vastly unequal levels of donations to political parties could skew the election result. Donations to political parties during the...

With the last leader's debate over and done with, and the election less than a week away, we would like to check, probably for the last time, what your voting intentions are.

We would also like to hear your opinions on the prospect of a hung parliament. 

It is time to test the predictive powers of The AnswerBank News group. Who do you think will win this debate? The Debate kicks off on BBC1 at 8.30pm - but who looks likely to do the best? [Poll finished before the debate begins]

Dear All. 

I hope everyone is well. We at the AnswerBank sometimes like to ask you a few questions and gauge the general feeling of our users on various subjects. Today we'd like to ask you to tell us whether you agree with the following statements, please tick all you believe to be "true".

As a representative democracy the UK electorate only vote for their local candidate. In the last 20 years we have seen the rise of "tactical voting," - this was cited as one of the main reasons for Labour's landslide in '97. Do you believe tactical voting hurts our democracy?

Does your local area have enough safe crossings for children outside schools? Safety around schools can be a big issue, as highlighted by and - do you think local authorities do enough in your area regarding safe crossing for children? So the BBC are not showing Sky's live TV debate, in case it is forced to give the BNP more air time, what are they afraid of. I presume the vast majority...

Time to take the pulse of the AnswerBank newsgroup. I have included several smaller parties as requested.

When it comes to insurance claims we can all find dealing with our insurance companies a pain - especially when the accident wasn't even our fault. With this in mind, have you, or would you, ever "exaggerate" a motor insurance claim?

Facebook, gadgets and gossip seem to matter more to young people than the current general election.  Have we reached a moment in history when the young are actually less radical than their parents?  Or is it simply that political parties are so dull and unidealistic that it’s little wonder young people are hard

With the General Election looming and political parties begin trying to convince you in earnest that - yes, really, they're good people wishing to help you personally, or at very worst, better than that other lot - it is time to check the pulse of The AnswerBank and find out: What is the Number 1 issue for you this Election time.

The wash-up period of a parliament is upon us. This is the period of parliament where bills are put in place to be "nodded through" in the next parliament.

As Martin Bell of the Guardian comments:

"Eighteen bills are going into the wash-up in the few remaining weeks of a discredited parliament. At this point the votes that got them this far, in both houses, will count for noth

Who'll you all be voting for in the up and coming election? Just put down Con, Lab,Lib or 0 for no vote....
Further attacks on the social lepers, or sensible measures? I must admit I do feel sorry for the kids I see in the backs of cars, in a safety seat of course, gasping for breath, getting gassed by...

With recent events highlighting the dangers of using social networking sites, we thought we'd ask you about your views on social websites like Facebook, MySpace and even The AnswerBank.

It has been suggested that marriage is an outdated concept. What do you think ?
This was on the news over the weekend so I'm amazed no one has asked the question on here so here goes. Is 10 fair enough or should it be rasied or lowered. The childrens commissionaer, Maggie...
We all know that the open road can be a joy to drive - yet the key component of this statement is "open". When faced with everyone we have to share the nation's roads with we may feel differently about "the joy of driving". Some are rude and others are quite frankly dangerous. With this in mind, which driver "type" do you think poses the most risk to others?
Does The Duke of Edinburgh most recent gaffe involving a female Sea Cadets Instructor make you wince with embarrassment or do you feel Britain just wouldn't be the same without Prince Philip? The Story: Also, I managed to find these rather excellent quotes - although I am unsure if they are all c
Should Dave Lamb from Come Dine With Me do the Eurovision song contest voiceover?
What will you be doing for your mum on Mother's Day.
Do you find that you have to wait a long time in your doctors for an appointment? Even if you make the effort to be there on time or even a little early do you still have to wait?
It is Pancake Day! (Or "Shrove Tuesday") What will you be having on your pancakes tonight? Please tick all that apply. If you have any better ideas, post them below!
With the Child Exloitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) targeting children as young as five in its current online safety campaign we thought we'd ask you: at what age a child should be allowed online unsupervised?
With the The Church of England's Synod discussing the broadcasting of religion on BBC we thought we would ask The AnswerBank users what you think about Religious broadcasts on the BBC. Should the BBC show more religious programming?
Sometimes tough questions have to be asked - and hard answers given. We at The AnswerBank are unafraid to ask these questions; so, which of the following is the best biscuit for dunking?
As the Labour government is currently considering making changes to the electoral system we thought we'd ask the AnswerBank users to cast their votes. Which of the most likely options would you support? Each of these options is representative of certain styles of system - so let your vote be broad rather than get caught in the specifics of the various systems (that is what the posts are for afterw
With both the current and former Prime Ministers intending to give evidence at the Chilcot enquiry, do you think they will be truthful?
As the country has a shortage of those willing to donate organs upon their death should the country adopt a different donation policy?
With small shops and businesses disappearing from our high street due to large chains, the squeeze of supermarkets and the effects of the credit crunch should government encourage small business growth by offering tax breaks to small businesses?
For many couples deciding where you are spending Christmas day is a stressful choice which has to be made fairly. Where are you spending Christmas?
With many large savings available this year for bulk buying beer, wine and spirits are the supermarkets fuelling a binge drinking culture this Christmas? Should there be a limit to the number of units customers can buy at one time in supermarkets?
With the "handheld" gaming experience becoming richer and portable games becoming longer, do you still carry around your handheld games system for short bursts of play or do you set aside time as you would for a console or PC gaming experience?
Does Simon Cowell's position as an owner of a record label and presenter of X-Factor mean he has a too tight a grip on the music industry?
As there have been calls for cuts in the police force due to dire financial circumstances brought about by the credit crunch, where should a reduced police force focus its efforts most?
Mobile phones are becoming more complex with each generation. Mobile phones now have operating systems as a PC does and present a similar choice. Which mobile OS do you currently use?
With focus on certain in-balances in the sentencing system of the UK coming to light, and many claiming the current sentences for serious crime is lacking, should the UK government (if it was able) reintroduce the death penalty in Britain?
December the 19th is said to be the most dangerous day to drive on British roads. The combination of last minute shopping and families coming together over long distances means the roads may be jam packed.
While South Africa may be the host of the next Fifa world cup in 2010 there have been some concerns as to whether it is really a safe venture for fans to travel to.
Do Social Networks Really Connect You To Other People?
How Many Penalty Points Do You Have On Your Driving Licence?
Considering a recent piece of research conduceted by a team of Italian scientists concluded that female sexual desire was increased after two glasses of red wine - we hought we would ask AB users as to the effects of Alchol on their sex drive. If you wish to discuss this topic, please visit:
Do you believe that overweight people contribute to global warming?
Do you blame Gordon Brown for the state of the U.K's banking system?
Has the Credit Crunch affected your holiday plans for 2009?
With savings base rates at an all time low, are you shopping around to get the best rate for your savings?
Do you think unemployment reach the same levels as 1982 and the 1930's (3+ million)?
How have you done you Xmas shopping this year?
Do you think garages intentionally try to rip off customers?
Do you think videogame addiction is a social or psychological problem?
Do you support embryo stem cell studies?
Do you think speed cameras are an effective deterrent?
Do you think University fees should be state funded?
Do you think that bars and clubs that give away free booze should be shut down for encouraging binge-drinking and 'putting young women in danger'?
Do you think cutting a smoker's life insurance premiums is a good enough incentive for them to give up their habit?
With road tax hikes hitting those with 2001-2006 registered cars, would you consider selling up and buying a pre-2001 model to escape the tax mans wrath?
Are women drivers more fuel conscious than men?
British Gas raise prices by 35% for gas, 9% for electricity. EDF raise prices by 22% for gas, 17% for electricity - Will you be switching energy supplier?
With all the rain over the past few days is the British Summer over?
Are you going on a diet for the summer?
BB9 is now well underway but have you been watching?
Euro 2008 without England! How do you feel?
When looking for a flight what's most important to you?
With rising food costs, council tax, home energy bills and petrol prices are you paying for this by increasing your outstanding balance on your credit card?
Have you been affected by the 'credit crunch'?
Is the current system of categorisation (A, B or C) the best way to control drugs?
Should countries use sporting events as a bargaining tool to try and make a political gesture? e.g. threatening to boycott China's Olympics over problems in Tibet, and Zimbabwe's cricket tour of England
A large number of children are missing from school registers, councils claim they are in no danger, but MPs investigating worry that some have been taken abroad to marry against their will. What do you think?
Universities will be paid ?1000 to on D-grade students in a bid to meet university expansion targets. Bearing this new scheme in mind do you think university graduates are taken as seriously as they once were?
As the sun starts to make more frequent appearances we start thinking about our summer holidays but with ever-increasing bills and outgoings are you going to have to cut back on your holiday spending?
Were you affected by Wednesdays earthquake?
Having trouble fitting exercise into your hectic schedule? The NHS suggested having more sex to keep trim. Has a bit of rumpy pumpy helped you to stay in shape
The number of homes being repossessed is at its highest since 1999 and The Bank of England has recently Lowered Interest Rates? what does this all mean for you?
Valentines Day is not far away which could mean presents galore for some people. But what about the rest of the year? are we giving enough when in relationships?
It has been claimed maternity services in England lack the quality of care required for new mothers and babies. Do you agree?
Last week a Boeing 777 crash landed at Heathrow, no one was killed although 6 people suffered minor injuries. Has this accident made you more cautious of flying?
The government is considering making changes to the organ donation system. People will have to opt out if they do not want their organs used after their death, do you agree with the proposed new system?
Npower have just increased their prices by 12.7% on electricity and 17.2% on gas. Do you switch energy suppliers to get the best deal? There are saving of up to ?350 available if you are on the wrong energy tariff! For a free energy quote to see what you can save click here
Liverpool is Europe's Capital of Culture for 2008 and this year is expecting an additional 2 million tourists to visit the city. So, will you be paying a vist?
A London authority is making plans to ban soup kitchens on its streets, they claim it draws in rough sleepers to the area. Do you agree?
Should BA workers threaten to strike over the festive period?
A story emerged this week about a couple whose lives have been made a misery by travellers who set up camp next door to their home. Abuse they suffered included criminal damage, death threats and gun shots. What do you think of these ?travellers? and how the police/council handles them?
Gordon Brown has joined fellow European Union leaders and signed a landmark treaty which is expected to dramatically change the way the EU is governed. Should he have signed?
The UK?s schools have slipped out of the top ten in the world for reading and maths, according to a new report. Is this indicative of a failing system? Does the education system in Britain need an overhaul?
In light of the recent loss of the two discs containing 25m peoples data, how safe do you feel your personal information is in the hands of apparent professionals?
Minister Margaret Hodge suggested earlier this year that local people should be given priority over economic migrants in the council housing battle. Who do you think should have top priority when getting council housing?
A young woman died hours after giving birth to twins because her religion would not allow a blood transfusion which would have saved her life. What do you think about religion over-ruling medical fact?
Remembrance Day is coming up and soon the familiar poppies will be available. Has Remembrance Day lost its meaning? Do people still appreciate what it represents?
With Christmas approaching it is time we started thinking about how we are going to pay for it. How are you planning on affording Christmas this year?
Parliament have been debating the abortion law this week, some scientists say foetuses can feel pain and that the current abortion limit of 24 weeks should be reduced. What do you think?
Jack Straw has announced strict new laws aimed at stopping homophobic abuse, even leading to jail sentences in extreme cases. But is this really going to help improve the situation?
Which of the following banks and Building societies do you have the most confidence in?
Incentives, fines, lessons for kids and those grey bins. How do you think the government has handled the recycling issue?
Jacqueline Simpson was cleared of manslaughter after her grand-daughter was savaged to death whilst in her care by her son's illegal dog. The woman had smoked 10 joints and drank two bottles of wine. Who should ultimately be responsible for a dog's behaviour?
A senior judge has said that all people in the UK should be on a DNA database. The database is already the largest in the world with 4 million samples in it. What do you think about the possibility of the database becoming compulsory?
Gun crime has been filling news pages this week. A father and son were tragically shot dead outside their own home. How do the recent shootings make you feel about your own safety?
A boy of 12 was hauled before a court after being charged with assault for throwing a cocktail sausage at an elderly man. The case has cost thousands already. Are cases like this a waste of court time and money?
Bullying has moved from the playground onto the internet recently, with kids taking their taunting online. Is cyber-bullying something to be concerned about?
Did you know Experian offer a free credit report? How often do you check yours?
A story this week emerged about pre-teen beauty addicts. Girls as young as 10 years old are having their legs waxed, spray tans and cannot leave their homes without full make-up. What do you think?
Football matches are renowned for getting a little bit rowdy. Would you take a young family to see one?
The Law Commission says that couples living together but not married should have more rights, e.g. a financial claim if they break up. Should they?
A jobless couple have been given an 8-bedroom detached house for nothing and receive ?44,000 a year in benefits despite not working for many years (they earn more by not working) ? what do you think about the UK?s benefit system?
Would you like to view TV on the AnswerBank homepage? For example you would be able to see cinema trailers, news and celebrity gossip
A man who runs on Carbon blades after having both his legs amputated below the knee is fighting for his right to a place in the Olympics. What do you think?
David Beckham has made a typically dramatic entrance in his bid to win over America. Can he really win over a country that doesn't really care about football?
The smoking ban has been in force for almost two weeks now. How have you found it?
Should the Government be doing more to help those affected in last weeks floods?
This week has seen the start of Wimbledon and both the men and women are competing for an equal amount of prize money for the first time in the history of the tournament. Do you think the male and female players are entitled to the same amount?
In an ideal world where money was no object and you had a young family what would you do?
By allowing her pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad, Gillian Gibbons could face 40 lashes or a prison sentence in Sudan, having been charged with insulting Islam's Prophet. Should she have been charged with this offence?
If you were in severe debt, would you consider extreme measures like bankruptcy, or even going temporarily homeless while you work it off?
More and more people use the internet to meet new people, but can you fall in love with someone you've never met?
How trusting are you when you are in a relationship?
Are you proud to be British?
Have you or would you ever leave your child unattended?
Should a mentally disabled patient's family and doctors have the right to make decisions on their behalf if they are unable to agree to surgery/procedures?
After 45.7 million credit card details were stolen from TK Maxx and called internet security into question, are you less likely to shop online?
Andriy Shevchenko - ?131,000 per week, Roger Federer - ?15 million career earnings, Tiger Woods - ?40 million in 2004-2005. Do you think that modern sportsmen earn too much?
Do you think it is inconsiderate when obese people take up too much room on public transport?
Should Premiership football clubs be allowed to have as many foreign players on their books as they want?
How do you treat your drinks when you are on a night out? Are you worried it could get spiked?
Does dieting really work?
At the start of the year the cost of the 2012 Olympics were raised by ?900 million, in February it was estimated that games would in fact cost ?9 billion in total, further to this Ministers claimed that neither the Nation Lottery Fund nor UK Taxpayers should fund the games. With the UK footing an ever increasing bill currently standing at ?9 billion we ask, is the legacy of the Olympics really wor
If a family member was sick/elderly and needed round the clock care, what would you do?
Prescription drugs are increasingly easy to buy online. Despite the potential dangers involved, people are putting their health at risk in their search for specialist cures. Would you consider buying prescription drugs on the internet?
Do computer racing games encourage young people to speed?
As people start to ask the question ?Does ADHD really exist?? We ask you ? should we be worried that we're drugging our children just because they're boisterous and mischievous?
Recently three Animal activists were jailed for four years for intimidating lab workers from Huntingdon Life Sciences and associated businesses. What are your thoughts on animal testing and activists?
A recent discussion in the news about overcrowding of prisons, has led to the debate about whether murder sentences should be reduced in order to keep the jails void of ?geriatric prisoners?. Do you believe that:
The major TV channels have come under fire for interactive phone in polls, in one instance even using a channel employee to pretend to be a winner! X Factor viewers were overcharged by ?200,000 also. What's your view on the TV phone in polls?
Are you put off marriage in fear of how much it could cost you if it ends?
With the smoking ban approaching are you going to quit smoking?
Do celebrity mums make regular mums feel inadequate?
What do you think about the Muslim veil debate?
Should we take fewer flights to protect out planets atmosphere and climate?
Can England's cricketers raise their game enough to win the World Cup?
Are Britain's seaside resorts worth overhauling to get people going there on holiday?
Is internet dating for dogs a genuinely useful option for owners looking to breed their pet or is it just a gimmick?
Has ?compensation-culture? gone too far?
Is Wenger right to be so loud and obvious in his criticism of officials?
Is it time for car companies to take 4x4s out of their car ranges?
Does the Turner Prize serve a useful purpose?
What do you think about the minimal pay rise for Britain's nurses?
Will Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson's relationship last now she is pregnant?
Are you worried about the salt levels in supermarket bread?
A German brother and sister who have been lovers for seven years are planning to try and legalise their relationship by taking their case to the highest German court. Should it be legalised?
A lorry driver, who killed four people after falling asleep at the wheel of his articulated lorry, has been sentenced to five years behind bars. Sentencing guidelines states a maximum penalty of up to 14 years for death by dangerous driving, with this in mind do you think a prison sentence of 5 years can justify the death of 4 innocent people?
What do you think of Jade's trip to India?
Do you think the ?traffic light? labelling system will promote healthier eating?
What do you think of the tougher penalties for drivers caught using their hand-held phones whilst driving?
What do you think about the delay in the strict vetting system that should be enforced on school staff next year?
Should hospital staff be given more protection in light of the new findings?
Is this reported increase a real cause for concern? Should we be worried about the state of mind of today's young people?
Should the authorities intervene in this situation?
Is it acceptable for professional, highly paid, footballers to react in such an extreme way?
Is Tony Blair right to make such an announcement?
Should schools ban the novel based solely on one ?offensive? word?
Do ASBOs work in stopping anti-social behaviour?
Should football grounds abroad be forced to improve their safety standards?
With baby Amillia being born at 22 weeks and being allowed home soon do you think abortion laws should be lowered to less than 24 weeks?
Why are women so down about their bodies??
How can we tackle obesity among adults?
Has Britney Spears gone ?Crazy??
Should football clubs have tighter regulations regarding their wealth?
Why are Britain's teenagers drinking so much?
Will changes to the mental health law protect the public more?
Is posting the uncooperative sex offenders? details on the internet the right approach to the issue?
What do you think of internet dating?
What do you think of the suggestion that doctors are biased against older patients?
What do you think about older women having babies?
Do you agree British children are some of the worst off?
Have you booked your holiday for 2007?
What do think about the recent bird flu scare?
Who should have the final say in cases involving euthanasia and related decisions?
Should we care about Cameron's ?drug taking? at university?
Do you think there is enough control on the internet?
What is the best way to approach Valentine's day?
Is scientific research like this justified?
What do you think about the possible maternity unit closures?
What do you think about size zero models?
What do you think on the power of tea?
St Valentine's Day February 14th is now less than a week away, the shops are packed with cards, gifts and flowers but the question remains, do we rely too heavily on an annual dedication of love from our partners OR is it just another day?
Has Tony Blair had his day?
What do you think about binge drinking?
How do you see Apple's growth away from computers?
What should schools do with disruptive children?
How do you think the NHS should deal with situations such as these?
The super casino race is over! Manchester will become home to Britain's first Las Vegas style casino but what have you got to say about it?
Owing to the treatment of Shilpa Shetty in this years Celebrity Big Brother, Ofcom has received in excess of 14,500 complaints from BB viewers! But has she really fallen victim to racism?
What do you think of binge drinking? Is someone who has six pints on a Friday night a binge drinker?
Life is too short, we all need a break from time to time. Take two minutes and tell us "What You Think", do you agree?

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