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HFJL2020 | 23:01 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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had a call to day from my health centre offering me the virus jab i refused some of my pals have refused it saying its not safe enough


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Clarion for most reasoned answer, remember it was only a few months ago that almost nobody entertained the idea of a vaccine that had no long term testing on it. a few months of intensely positive media has brought everybody around. Its the OPs choice.
// Actually I am not sure what the OP was expecting to be said...//
I thought it was qanon black propaganda but he has been on the books for so long that....
Look everybody - I am so clever I am NOT having the vaccine

quick vaccine bad
slow vaccine good !
shows complete ignorance over how medical regulation 'works'.

doctors and nurses saying - oh I can inject !
no you havent done your compulsory and valuable transgender issues training - leave the building you bad doctor and nurs!

should give people an idea of what medical and nursing regulation gets up to for their wages and honours ( and pensions )
Maybe am going to get mine sooner than expected if people who know more than the regulators and doctors turn it down and take the chance against the virus. Tis only flue anyway right and as 10 Clarian Street tells us theres more chance of being hit by a meteorite than dying of covid if your not suffering from underlying conditions. (Many hundreds unlucky to be hit yesterday ).
Am happy to move up the queue quicker.
Luvverly Jubbberley as Torra Torra Torra might or might not say

"There are certainly going to be side effects when you get infected with the virus, which you are sure to do, if you don't accept the vaccination." Never read such a load of rubbish in my life! They don't know if the vaccine stops you getting the virus, or if it stops you from passing it on. All it does is lessen the effect should you get it. There have been some nasty side effects from the vaccine as well. I won't be having it.
Good for you, Kath.
By the way, you do realise that one of the side-effects of NOT having the vaccination can be a slow, lingering death, don't you?
bhg, don't be so ridiculous.
yeah bhg, when you can't breathe its a pretty quick, non lingering death, !
And we all move up the queue again :)
sorry that wasn't really fair and I withdraw it kathyan. As I said on the first page people shoulsn't be ridiculed for making the coreect choice for them, and then I went and did it :(
Thank you bednobs.
Yes its personal choice, your all free to ignore the advice of the medical profession. A wonder how many of the 1500+ who died yesterday would of chosen to have the jab if theyd had the chance a few months ago.
I wasn't ridiculing Kath; just pointing out that refusing the vaccine might have rather more dramatic effects than having it. A couple of years ago I spent a day in ETU with a tube down my throat; it wasn't much fun and I couldn't speak for a couple of days after. At least I was allowed visitors, unlike covid sufferers.
I have a friend currently in an induced coma because his lungs are in danger of collapsing. He is in his fifties. One of my daughter's best friends, in her 30s, faces the same predicament if her oxygen levels cannot be maintained. The jab has come a tad too late for both of them, but i'll bet both would have taken it if offered. I certainly will.
I wasn't suggesting you were bhg, rather that I was
bednobs - I understood that; I was just emphasising to Kath that I wasn't mocking, just hoping to make her change her mind.
// they maybe side effects later//

but we dont know what they are - but that doesnt mean they arent there. I mean Madonny says the US deep govt is chipping everyone!

Troll alert - I also allege bad faith. He is giving advice dressed up as common sense which will damage others if they follow it

( and no NJ I dont regards freedoms to extend to the right to persuade vulnerable people to do something not in their interests. Paternalistic I know, I am just like that. Looking out for the common good)

this is in the category - oof I am going to do a parachute jump BUT without a parachute ! - and I think everyone else should!

day later - everyone dead splattered that is xc our hero - "well on the day I was too ill to do the jump!" he explains when pressed
step forward other anti vaxxers
who continually question safety of vaccines

(and then have their family vaccinated.) I know who you are
You and your friends don't have vaccine hopefully move me up the queue. Hopefully you don't get the virus I know people who have. Stay safe and healthy.
Ken - I am sorry to hear your dismal news
I think it makes it worse when someone then says
"I have a cleverer idea - dont have the vaccine!"

My neighbour has just missed his quick vacancy slot - he was out when the call came
( few doses over: get your arriss down here)
You can have side effects from absolutely anything, just like some people are allergic to certain things like peanuts and some aren’t.

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