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HFJL2020 | 23:01 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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had a call to day from my health centre offering me the virus jab i refused some of my pals have refused it saying its not safe enough


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kathyan: "There is a chance you might still get or spread coronavirus even if you have the vaccine. " - of course there is a "chance" because the vaccine is not 100% but in most cases not.
Yes, if anyones only wanting a vaccinne thats 100% effective then this is not for you. Its only something like 90-95% effective. Put it this way, if you dont have the vaccinne your chances of getting it are only 10-20 times higher but at least you wont have sore arm for an hour or be tracked by your nearest 5G mast .

Yes a vaxxed person can still pass it on by touching if it gets on your body or you can cough or sneeze it over someone if it gets in your airways. There still not sure how likely a vaxxed person is to pass as that weren't tested as part of the trial so is being studied now. Theres some optimism tho that the chances of passing it on will be far less once your vaxxed.

The key is to get around 70% of us vaxxed then it should start to peter out slowly but theres allways a risk of the unvaxxed getting it including from people coming here from countries like France with much lower vaccination levels
I can see the point of the plumber thing although I am not sure if its enforceable in employment law. Before the order of vaccination was published I said that before I let anybody into the house for inessential purposes (meter reading, jobs that can wait and so on) I would want to know their vaccination status. Now we know its old farts first, they are more likely to want to know mine!
medics never say anything is 100% because there are always exceptions in the billions of people in the world. They use percentages to indicate the outcomes. When most are vaccinated we will achieve a level of "herd" immunity, ie the virus will still be about but find it very difficult to spread.
Getting my first one next thursday, yippee.
We have a couple that have had the first one, and two that have declined due to having to travel. Does anyone know if there will be an at-home option at any point?
TORATORATORA stated, "vaccines are designed to prevent infection, not treat the symptoms."

That is not always the case.

'Vaccines are a marvel of medicine. Few interventions can claim to have saved as many lives. But it may surprise you to know that not all vaccines provide the same level of protection. Some vaccines stop you getting symptomatic disease, but others stop you getting infected too. The latter is known as “sterilising immunity”. With sterilising immunity, the virus can’t even gain a toehold in the body because the immune system stops the virus entering cells and replicating'
Were they being asked to travel further than their surgery?
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Yes, woof, quite a lot further.
corbs, both of the types mentioned would appear to stop the recipient getting the disease...the "symptomatic protection" mentioned by TTT is when people who have been vaccinated do get ill (get symptoms) but don't get a bad episode.
GPs will be able to do it at home but I suppose that will be up to them, pixie.
I've just had a phone call offering me my first injection on Saturday about 5 miles away from where I live; offer accepted gratefully. Second injection in April at same location.
Thanks jno x I hope they get re-invited then. A couple don't want it, but it seems a shame for those that do, to miss out, due to practicalities.
I'd give the GP a call and ask, pixie.
They aren't offering it at the moment.
11.31 thanx corby.
'News reports that Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine had an efficacy of over 90% sparked hopes that herd immunity—and ultimately the end of the current pandemic—was not only achievable but closer than many people had imagined1 This level of efficacy was not only surprising but placed the vaccine alongside those used to prevent once-dreaded diseases like measles, rubella, chickenpox, and polio.2

As game-changing as the Pfizer vaccine (and Moderna's equally effective mRNA-1273 vaccine) may be in affording protection against the COVID-19 illness, the results do not reflect complete "sterilizing immunity."'
//. If you refuse the virus, your choice but stay home alone.//

Rather a stern view and also not a very logical one. Once everybody who wants the jab has had it they should have no fear about mixing with the great unwashed (i.e. the un-vaccinated). It's a bit unreasonable to expect people to lock themselves away just because you don't agree with a decision they take. There are people around who I mix with who haven’t had all the vaccinations that I have. But I don’t insist they remain locked up.

“.//you won't be able to become a Pimlico Plumber without a jab, Kathyan :-//

Would this be the same Charlie Mullins who, a couple of years ago, tried to deny his employees their rights to sick pay and employers’ pension contributions by claiming they were “self employed contractors”? The matter went all the way to the Supreme Court, who ruled against Mr Mullins:

Mr Mullins, of course was also very vocal during the Referendum campaign, displaying a poster from his headquarters announcing “Testicles [To avoid the filth filter] to Brexit”. Just a month ago he announced that he would sooner take another Pandemic than Brexit:

So on both these counts I’m surprised Mr Mullins is considering shelling out so much to protect his staff against a disease he thinks so little of.
It's PR, Judge.

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