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Pregnant and confused

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creep | 15:18 Sat 14th Feb 2009 | Relationships & Dating
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Hello I am in a bit of a situation really. My partner and I are going to have a baby soon yet some things dont really make sense to me. OK here goes we were watching the local news the other day and there were some scenes of young animal cruelty on and he came out with the comment like 'he would be less upset had it been a human baby'. I was initially taken a back by this and thought to myself oh well he just must really like animals I guess. Then we ordered a chinese and he ordered beef and pork. I remembered what his comment was and just though what a hypocrite!

He loves animals more than human babies yet he eats animals!

I really am starting to think he is a complete waste of space and will be a terrible father. What should I do?


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who is the 'idiot' now velvetee?

The person with nothing better to do than make up user names an post fictitious stuff on websites by my reckoning.
I'm not entirely sure how this makes Velvetee look like an idiot. Compassionate and helpful possibly but not exactly an idiot.
velvetee does not come across as an idiot, maybe you showed your hand too soon gravy
Question Author
Chuck so you think sticking up for your girlfriend is wrong? Wouldnt suprise me that you geek. Spare me but take her! take my childeren take my parents but just pleeeaaase spare me. lol chuck ha ha ha ha ha ha

u spent to much time in cyber geek land. You need working on!

China Velvetee knows
Question Author
yes but cazzz i could have carried it on for weeks but then she REALL would have looked like an idit. But I am not that malicious see.
but you'll be back.. and you do spoil it for people with genuine problems.

I doubt almost everyone thanks to people like you.
I answered it with the knowledge it was a wind up, I wanted to see where it went
I fail to see how making up a fake username and posting rubbish is "sticking up for your girlfriend"

You quite obviously, to everyone, have some mental issues.
Question Author
ya ya well you wouldnt would you chucky. But do you know what? Your opinions are not everyones opinions you know. Hey please give me a laugh chucky and tell me the most adventurous thing you have done in your life aside computers.

sara3 what you and your small brain fail to comprehend is that all of the problems I have put on here are TRUE. You are too narrow minded to see that though.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a ha ha ha ha

all the clique sticking up for each other and chucky the geek trying to offend me. Chucky why dont you call me a stalker again?! That is the funniest!

ha haa ha ha ha ha ha
true? so why keep posting under different names and trying to fool different people.

I may be many things, but I don't think "narrow minded" were the words you were looking for.

Question Author
yes sara is a bit wierd mandimo.

Not narrow minded indeed. So why are you so opinionated then.

ha ha ha ha ha

you lot kill me you really do
I'm bored now.
Out of interest..if all of the problems are true, then why not just post your problem as yourself rather than all the fakery?
Question Author
i do cazzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 this was only to wind velvetee up! I keep getting banned therefore I cant keep the same name. simple isnt it?
yes but if you were sensible you would not keep getting banned..(this post aside)

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Pregnant and confused

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