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The AnswerBank's Favourite Retro Sweets - Is Yours In The Top Five

In summer 2021, we asked The AnswerBankers what their favourite retro sweets are. While a lot of members didn’t have a favourite and others had favourites that weren’t on our suggested list, there were some clear winners!11:07 Mon 08th Nov 2021

Sweet Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Vegan Or Vegetarian

Here we provide some inspiration for sweet gifts to give your favourite vegetarian or vegan!10:53 Wed 25th Aug 2021

Wine Of The Week Round-Up 2011

We've had superb regular threads running this year such as the Onwards & Downwards Club, The Quzzies & Puzzles Round Up and, of course, the Wine of the Week thread.Hosted by No Mercy this thread offers a chance for oenophiles, bacchi and those who just fancy a glass every now and again to come together. The thr...09:45 Tue 13th Dec 2011

Where does the term "cup of joe" come from

Java. Mud. Jamoke. Mojo. Coffee has plenty of interesting names, but where do they all come from One of the most widely used terms for a cup of coffee is a "Cup of Joe", but no one truly knows where the name came from.One theory suggests that the nickname somes from an 1860 song by Stephen Collins Foster, "Old Black J...16:45 Tue 01st Mar 2011


Wine lovers may argue over Bordeaux vs. Burgundy, cabernet sauvignon vs. merlot. But when it comes to Champagne, there is no argument. Almost everyone, it seems, loves Champagne.There is nothing quite like the power of Champagne, to lift the spirits and put the soul into a celebration. While there are many delicious sp...15:53 Mon 10th Jan 2011

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels is among the world's best-selling liquors. It is famous for its square bottles and black label. The drink is available in several brands: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Gentleman Jack and a classic combination of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and Cola served in a 330ml c...15:08 Fri 16th Jul 2010

Stella Artois

Stella Artois is one of the world’s leading beer brands. Other brands associated with the company that makes Stella include Budweiser, Beck’s, Leffe, Hoegaarden, Bud Light, Skol, Brahma, Quilmes, Michelob, Harbin, Sedrin, Cass, Klinskoye, Sibirskaya Korona, Chernigivske, and Jupiler among others.The first recorded ...14:38 Fri 16th Jul 2010


Ribena is one of the leading brands of juice drink in the world. The original blackcurrant flavour is still the most popular but the drink also comes in other flavours such as strawberry, apple, orange and lighter versions. The drinks are produced in the iconic squash cordial and also as ready to drink bottles and cart...14:08 Fri 16th Jul 2010


Twinings is a world leading brand of tea. Twinings sells a variety of regional and flavoured teas such as Lapsang Souchong, Earl Grey and Darjeeling as well as fruit infusions, Green Tea, white tea and decaffeinated Redbush tea. Tea has been drunk in China for thousands of years, and now it is the quintessential Englis...14:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Philadelphia is the number one soft white cheese in the UK. The cheese comes in a variety of flavours including Light, Extra Light, Light with Chives, Light with Garlic & Herbs, Light with Basil and Spring Onion & Black Pepper. Philadelphia is well known for its flavour and versatility; on the website there are...14:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Schweppes is one of the most well recognised beverage brands in the world. The 'Schweppes' product range now includes: its classic 'Schweppes' Lemonade; original 'Schweppes' Bitter Lemon; 'Schweppes' Indian Tonic Water; 'Schweppes' Ginger Ale; 'Schweppes' Soda Water; 'Schweppes' Russchian (perfect mixed with Vodka) and...14:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Thorntons is one of the best known brands of chocolate and confectionery in the UK. It is now the largest, independent chocolate and confectionery company in the United Kingdom. Continental and Special Toffee are often cited as two of the favourites among the Thornton product line. Thorntons chocolates are the ideal so...14:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010


Nescafe is one of the best known brands of instant coffee in the world. While the Nescafe brand was created for soluble coffee, it has subsequently been used as an umbrella brand on a number of instant coffee products, including, in the UK, Gold Blend, Alta Rica and Blend 37 freeze-dried coffees. Nescafe coffee was fir...14:39 Wed 26th May 2010


Cadbury is an iconic brand in the global confectionery market. they produce some of the world’s most popular snacks and confectionery such as Crunchie, Creme egg, Milk Tray, Dairy Milk, Flake, Roses, Wispa and Buttons. Their reputation for quality and taste has kept Cadbury’s at the top of the list to meet the snac...14:39 Wed 26th May 2010


Hovis is a leading brand name in the baked goods market. The Hovis range now includes products to cater for all tastes including Square White, Original Wheatgerm, the Hovis Granary Range, Hovis Best of Both and more recently Hovis Invisible Crust. Hovis still specialises in high wheatgerm wholemeal flour, the bread bei...14:39 Wed 26th May 2010


Walkers are one of the most recognised snack food brands in the UK. They are best known for manufacturing crisps. Other well known snack brands produced by Walkers include Quavers, Monster Munch, Wotsits, Chipsticks and Frazzles. Walkers prides itself on supporting the local community and claim that all their potatoes ...14:39 Wed 26th May 2010


Warburtons is one of the leading brands for bread products in the UK. The firm produces one million bakery products per day. It is the UK's third biggest bread manufacturer. It makes just its own products, no own-label ones. They offer more than just bread with a full range of bready snacks including teacakes, muffins,...14:39 Wed 26th May 2010


Guinness is one of the most successful beer brands worldwide. It is the best-selling alcoholic drink of all time in Ireland. Other products in the Guinness brand include Guinness Original in bottles and cans, Guinness Draught, Guinness Red where the barley is roasted a bit less to reveal the red colour and Guinness For...14:09 Wed 26th May 2010


Robinsons is one of the biggest grocery brands in the UK. The brand range includes Fruit Squash, Fruit and Barley, High Juice, Barley Water, Fruit Shoot and Fruit Spring. The brand is owned by Britvic Soft Drinks which is one of the two leading soft drinks businesses in Great Britain.The brand’s history can be traced...14:09 Wed 26th May 2010


Kingsmill is one of the top brands in baked goods. They have a delicious range of bread products including Great Everyday White, 50/50, Tasty Wholemeal, Little BIG Loaf, Love To Toast, Seeds & Oats, Gold Farmhouse, Crusts Away and Oatilicious. All their products are made with nutrition and health in mind and all pa...14:09 Wed 26th May 2010

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