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davebro3 | 08:40 Sun 28th Jan 2024 | News
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Why is this witch strutting her stuff in the UK again. Surely there are more serious "climate change offenders" she could target?



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I wouldn't say that Greta was beautiful but she is pretty. 

Stream of consciousness stuff today.

Our planes fly all over the world breaking up the atmosphere. They don't just fly over the UK. 20,000 flights more  a day might seem low but just imagine the numbers if ten more airports wanted to expand. 

> Every successive episode of "COP nn" tells us so and comes up with yet another "resolution" to which the big polluters nod their heads in agreement and then toddle off home to carry on their business as usual. To keep on doing the same thing expecting different rsults is madness.

Sounds just like something Greta Thunberg would say ...

“Sounds just like something Greta Thunberg would say ...”

Indeed. And in that respect she’d be absolutely right. Quite what benefits accrue from these jamborees is a little unclear. Almost certainly they produce fewer benefits than would be necessary to neutralise the emissions caused by assembling tens of thousands of people in the same place (most of whom travel there by air) every year.

There have been 28 of these farces and last time out more than 85,000 people descended on Abu Dhabi. Here’s an extract or two from its closing communiqué: 

“The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) closed today with an agreement that signals the “beginning of the end” of the fossil fuel era by laying the ground for a swift, just and equitable transition, underpinned by deep emissions cuts and scaled-up finance.”

“Whilst we didn’t turn the page on the fossil fuel era in Dubai, this outcome is the beginning of the end,” said UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell in his closing speech. 

“The global stocktake is considered the central outcome of COP28 – as it contains every element that was under negotiation and can now be used by countries to develop stronger climate action plans due by 2025.”

“The stocktake recognizes the science that indicates global greenhouse gas emissions need to be cut 43% by 2030, compared to 2019 levels, to limit global warming to 1.5°C. But it notes Parties are off track when it comes to meeting their Paris Agreement goals.”

Well I only hope they sent a copy of the “stocktake” to China because they don’t seem to have realised that  “the beginning of the end” has arrived for fossil fuels. They burn more coal than the rest of the world put together and are opening a new coal-fired power station about every ten days.

The COP meetings seem to measure their success by the number of delegates and their lackies who attend (which increases considerably every year). Which is just as well because if they measured their success against their  stated aims, they would abandon the next meeting forthwith.

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i'd me interested to know how she got,boat .whatever mode of transport she used it would result in emissions

The whole point is that we do what we think is right. Don't blame China for what we do, blame China for what they do. If I murder somebody, I can't get away with it by saying "Yes, but it was only one person ... look how many Harold Shipman murdered."

What we do is our business and we either agree with burning less fossil fuels or we don't - nothing to do with China.

But Ellipssis,a lot of people want to know why Greta doesnt go to China to remonstrate against the Chinese authorities,surely it would be a feather in her cap if she was to confront the Chinese regime?

You mean ... she ought to do even more than she's doing, and in a wider geographic? I don't think so.


For her, a decent strategy would be to start on the West, where she lives, and work with them to address the wider world.  But, to date, the West itself is just paying lip service ...


In light of the responses from ellipses, I ask again, what does a UK airport wishing to increase its traffic have to do with an ugly Swede?

But she would get a lot more respect and recognition if she was to go to China surely.Thunberg confronting Xi would be the news story of the year.As i said why doesnt Thunberg go to China,the majority polluter of the world today.

> I ask again, what does a UK airport wishing to increase its traffic have to do with an ugly Swede?

Better an ugly Swede than a thick turnip, and some of those flights will be to, or across, Sweden ...

Do you think miss Thunberg will ever go to China to challenge the worlds biggest polluter Ellipsis?

Is your argument, seriously, that the Swede has a say in a UK airport wishing to increase its traffic because some flights may cross Swedish airspace?


Thats really really your argument?


If it is, crikey, that's a weak.

Just demonstrating that the climate is a global issue, so the arguments are global arguments. We are interconnected and interdependent, the closer we are, the more so we are.

We cannot influence China as long as we behave like China ourselves ...

//some of those flights will be to, or across, Sweden ...//

I am beginning to warm to the idea if it is a promise to reduce the doom goblins chances of turning up here. 

Ms Thunberg - or more accurately, her parents and team of controllers, obviously see the UK as an easy target for her patronising garbage based on zero life experience, but controlled by manipulative adults who should be ashamed of themselves.

Simply - the UK makes noises about doing something about 'climate change', including forcing through measures which make its population miserable, and cost them money, and having zero (did you see what I did there!) effect on anything apart from making ministers smug and condescending.

China, India, and the other main polluters, remain gleefully deaf to any such nonsense, including not bothering to pretend they care by attending international talking shops where a lot of hand wringing causes no change whatsoever.

Ms Thunberg needs at least the pretence that someone in a position to do anything actually cares what she has to say, so she comes here.

China and India would laugh in her naive face, if they bothered to listen at all, which I doubt. They would not waste their time indulging an egotistical, damaged, manipulated young woman, while she told them how to run their energy policies.

And frankly - who could blame them.

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