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Bereavement Help Please !

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NoseyNose | 17:55 Mon 20th Nov 2023 | Body & Soul
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My Gay partner of nearly 50 years,died very suddenly last Thursday(16th November) from heart attack, while shopping with me in Sainsbury's.The Medics did their best,but to no avail.

I am completely lost.

We live in a remote part of the country,and he was the only driver.

There are so many things that I have to do,but we don't know anyone around here.

I have contacted the friends that I thought would help.

But none of them suggested visiting me,I just need some human contact,and help.

I am feeling very sucidal,I haven't eaten or drunk much since that horrible Thursday.

I called 999, was taken by ambulance on Friday to the Conquest Hospital.but they just left me on couch(for 4 hours),knowing full well that I was Diabetic(no food etc) also Bipolar,I discharged my self.

Luckily my partners brother had come down(and took me back home),but after two days(without any advice) he went back to his home in Yorkshire(we are in East Sussex)

ANY comfort or practical advice would help.

This is a real cry for help, I cannot go on like this.

I have realised that Bill will not come back, and as he organised evertything for 49 years,I don't think I can go on without him.

I am in a deep dark place,and can only think of one way out.




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With no specific request from him & having read that Gordon's situation is known to the authorities; also after a long chat with an old & trusted friend, I now think that my offer could conceivably complicate matters.Therefore - for now, at least - sadly, I feel that withdrawing gracefully is the correct thing to do.  I hope neither Gordon nor my fellow AB'ers...
16:51 Fri 24th Nov 2023

I'm just checking in - as I reported my concerns via the REPORT button - haven't heard anything from AB.

Has he has given enough info for somebody in that area to contact the hospital/local police to raise concerns?

Yes Gordon's been looking in a few times bless him.   

I'm glad you are Gordon it gives us a lot of hope. 👋  

I think a few of us are trying to find him tuvok.  I dont think the report button will help.  I doubt that any AB Admin are about.

He's already tried 999 and been taken to hospital where he was just sat down and left for hours.  So he won't be keen to do that again.  He's not the only one ì know where that has happened!!  At the moment we know he's still about and looking in which is good.  

I have been in touch with a couple of 'people' who may be able to help but data protection steps in.

Hi Gordon, I hope you have found an appetite and are fed and watered.  Thinking about you all day


I thought Admin were about on here on weekdays 9-5??  Or is that no longer the case?

Doesn't seem to work like that any more, at least not for senior admin.  I think their other companies are more important to them.  Seems like the owner inherited AB when he took over another company.  

Perhaps a mod would know.  Any mods about who can answer?

I have found someone who will be calling Gordon shortly 

I just want to wish you all the best Gordon and hope you accept the help that has being offered to you.

Well done Floko - keep us informed.

I was going to suggest that someone in the UK could call Jempsons and ask for one of the managers. They might know of him and Bill as Beckley is close by and the staff know many of the locals

Actually, probably best not to post much more just yet.  It might be upsetting for Gordon.

My wife was so concerned, she took a few steps. I hope it helps, but she couldn't stand by and hear how bad Gordon was feeling.

Just hope it was the right decision.

It was x

Nice one, Floko.

Please rest assured neither of us have any idea of Gordon's surname or address , nor  any other details apart from what he has posted.  My heartfelt wishes to him. 


Definately the right thing to do. In case you haven't seen it barmaid has reached out to you

Just to let everyone know, the Eds are of the situation. 

I will not close the thread, in case Gordon wants to post anything but ask that others refrain from posting in the meantime.



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Bereavement Help Please !

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